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Payday 3: How to Fix No Network Connection

Here's how to get around the no network connection error in Payday 3.

You’ve hopped into Payday 3, ready to pull off the next great heist. Problem is, you either can’t connect or keep getting kicked. Either way, it can be frustrating when all you want to do is return to your sordid life of crime. As is expected for any online game these days, bugs and other issues have kept players sidelined from the action. Here’s how to fix no network connection in Payday 3.

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How to Fix No Network Connection in Payday 3

Here’s how to fix the Payday 3 no network connection error:

I must stress that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for issues such as these. Though the no network connection error is likely appearing because the game’s servers are overloaded with an influx of players (which is typical for game launches like this), here are some basic troubleshooting tips that may get you back into Payday 3.

Check the Payday 3 Server Status

This is the most basic step to take before doing anything else. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Down Detector page for Payday 3 just yet. In the meantime, I advise you to keep an eye on the game’s official X account. There are already quite a few messages addressing log-in and connection issues for the beta, with the team working to resolve them.

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Restart Payday 3 and Your Device

The tried and true restart method. Restarting or resetting is actually more beneficial to getting rid of pesky errors and issues than actually shutting down your device. That’s because restarting or resetting performs a different function than shutting down, and it often flushes a system instead of putting it into a “deep sleep” state.

  • If you do shut down your device, be sure to completely unplug it for a few minutes to discharge the capacitor (which holds a small charge to power the motherboard).

Of course, restarting the game can have an effect, as well. Though, I’d contend that with something like the no network connection error, it’s more luck that you’ve restarted the game at the right time for the error to disappear than anything else.

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Check Your Internet Connection

The next step is to check your internet connection. On PlayStation and Xbox platforms, you’ll receive a system notification when there’s no network connection. You’ll need to go into your network settings and try to reconnect. On PC, things can be a little different. I’ve lost service without a warning before, and I know others have, too. If you see a sphere/world symbol in the bottom right of your taskbar, then you aren’t connected to the internet. Try to reconnect.

Reset Your Router

This goes hand in hand with the above troubleshooting suggestion for no network connection in Payday 3. If your internet disconnects, it’s possible that there’s an issue with your internet service provider (ISP). In that case, you’ll just have to wait for service to be restored. However, it’s possible that you can refresh your internet by turning your router off and unplugging it for a full 30 seconds before plugging it back in and turning it back on. Always good to try.

Check Your Firewall and Antivirus Settings

It’s possible that either your Firewall or antivirus settings have flagged Payday 3 as a potential threat, keeping you from going online. It’s unlikely, but there’s a possibility that this alone could proc the no network connection error. Go into your settings and give permissions for Payday 3 (console players needn’t worry about this step).

That’s about it for how to fix the no connection error in Payday 3. Again, the developers are working on ironing out these issues, so it should pop less and less. Considering the series’ popularity, it’s also possible that waves of players are flooding the servers. It’s no consolation, but if the issue persists, consider waiting it out and logging in again at a different time.

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