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Payday 3: How to Get Out of Cuffs

Hate being cuffed by guards in Payday 3? Here's how to break out.

Payday 3 has added some new aspects when it comes to the stealth gameplay. Although in prior titles it only took a quick brush against a guard to make them pull out a gun, they’re a lot more reasonable this time. If you’ve gotten on their nerves or have been acting too suspicious, they’ll now tell you to stand still while they come over and handcuff you. Here is how to get out of cuffs in Payday 3.

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How to Get Out of Cuffs in Payday 3

The only way to get out of handcuffs is to have the Slippery skill or to have another player break you out of them. We do want to emphasize that the latter option will work with bots, but it’s more likely that they’ll trigger everything to go loud.

How to Use the Slippery Skill

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As long as you have unlocked the skill, an interaction will appear on the screen to lockpick out of the cuffs. Simply play the lockpicking minigame like you would for a door and you’ll be able to get them off.

It might take you a while to have the Slippery skill available though. It’s the Master Node at the end of the Grifter skill tree, meaning you’ll need to unlock everything else too. We suggest investing points in the skill tree as you grind out heists to gather the XP needed. Thankfully, you’ll then be able to equip it to any build without investing in Grifter since it’s a Master Node.

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How to Break Another Player Out of Handcuffs

If one player gets handcuffed, another player simply needs to approach them and interact to break the cuffs off. A benefit of this method is that there is no skill needed to do it — it’s just a normal interaction. A con is that this can’t be done with the mask off. The player helping their teammate will need to put their mask on to perform this action. It’s not too bad in a private area, but it’s quite awkward in a public one.

Bots are also a lot less discreet about this than a player can be. They will run directly to you with masks on, so prepare for everything to go loud if you get cuffed as a solo player.

That covers how to get out of cuffs in Payday 3. If you need a refresher on other mechanics that you might not come across in every heist, check out our silent takedown guide. All other tips and tricks are available with our collection of PD3 guides.

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