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Payday 3: How to Level Up Fast

Here are some of the best tips on how to level up fast in Payday 3, including various methods.

The progression system in Payday 3 is tied to infamy points (IP) and isn’t as straightforward as it was in Payday 2. Now players can earn infamy points by completing various challenges under three categories: Heist, Career, and Combat. Our guide will provide you with tips on how to level up fast in Payday 3 using the most effective IP farm methods right now.

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How to Level Up Fast in Payday 3

Focus on Combat Challenges

Of all three types of challenges that grant players IPs, the Combat challenges provide the fastest and easiest way of IP farming. You don’t need to play them on the hardest difficulty, as normal difficulty will bring the same results and be much quicker.

Once you enter the Combat menu via the Challenges tab on the home screen, you’ll notice that all these challenges are, in one way or another, connected to certain types of weapons. You can exploit this by picking a weapon and completing a group of challenges all at once. For example, if you pick the FIK PC9 SMG, you can complete the following three Combat challenges:

  • FIK PC9 Target Sighted II (60 IP)
  • FIK PC9 Deadeye IV (120 IP)
  • FIK PC9 Easy Pickings III (60 IP)

You’ll need to defeat a number of enemies with this weapon using headshots or by simply killing them, and as a result, you’ll earn 240 IP from all three challenges. So I highly recommend using this strategy with all Combat challenges for quick IP farming.

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Complete Touch the Sky Heist

But Combat challenges aren’t the only exploitable modes in the game, as there’s also the “Touch the Sky” heist challenge, which is available in the same menu under the Heists tab. In this case, I actually suggest switching to the hardest difficulty, known as Overkill, because we want to spawn as many cops as possible.

There’s a specific bathroom on the map that we want to reach before the assault begins. So follow these steps to get there in the fastest possible way:

  1. Go up the stairs to your right once you spawn.
  2. Enter the ventilation shaft and turn right.
  3. Drop down and turn left to enter the bathroom.
  4. Close the door and sit tight inside.
  5. Once the cops start breaking into the bathroom, start killing them.

You can also jump onto the bathtub for easier kills or just sit next to it. Either way, you can easily kill lots and lots of cops for the easiest IPs ever. If you can repeat this process as many as 40 times, you’ll be able to earn a total of 300 infamy points for a single heist.

If you get tired of killing cops, you can let them arrest you, and the challenge will be over, but all of your infamy points will be preserved. You can also do this challenge in a “quiet and lethal” way, which requires you to kill cops without triggering them. This method will fit stealthy players, but the max reward is only 200 IP.

That’s all you need to know on how to level up fast in Payday 3. Stay tuned for more PD3 tips and tricks articles right here.

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