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Payday 3: Linking Token Not Found Fix

Stuck with a Linking Token Error for Payday 3? Here's how to fix it.

One of the best aspects of Payday 3 is the crossplay feature, allowing heisters from different platforms to play together. All of this is handled through Starbreeze’s Nebula account system. Unfortunately, this new system isn’t without its issues. This is what you need to know to fix the Linking Token Not Found error in Payday 3.

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Linking Token Not Found Fix for Payday 3

What is the Linking Token Error?

This error occurs when the game fails to find your Linking Token, which allows you to connect to the Nebula system and play with other heisters. Even if you have cross-play off, you won’t be able to play if the game can’t find the token.

Restart the Game and Try Again Later

It’s possible the best option is to take a break and try again in a little bit. Just like the matchmaking errors, a primary cause for this issue is the servers. There isn’t much you can do if that’s the case. Quite a lot of people received this error during the first few days, so there’s a decent chance this is the problem for you as well.

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It is possible that the Nebula server never properly generated a linking token for your account. You can confirm for yourself by logging into the account and checking the Linked Accounts page to make sure everything is in order. If you don’t see the necessary information there, you can manually link in by logging into your respective platform. Then just make sure to restart and try to boot up the game again.

Check Your Internet Connection

Thankfully it is possible for the error to be user-related and that means we can fix it. The first step in determining that is to check your own internet connection. Those on PC can check through a browser speed test. Players on console platforms can do the following to evaluate their connections:

PlayStation 5

  • Home Screen > Settings > Network > Connection Status > Test Internet Connection

Xbox Series X|S

  • Home Screen > Settings > General > Network Settings > Test Network Speed & Statistics

If your internet connection is less than ideal, we recommend trying out fixes such as resetting your router or using an ethernet cable. Payday 3 is an online-only game and that means a stable connection is a necessity.

Hopefully, this helps you fix the Linking Token Not Found error in Payday 3. If you’re looking to play with friends only, check out our Private Lobby guide. All other heist tips can be found among our PD3 guides.

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