Are Payday 3 Servers Down? How to Check Server Status

Are the Payday 3 servers down? Here's how to check its server status.

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Payday 3 is out. Being that it’s a heavily anticipated co-op title and is online-only, there are bound to be some issues during the first few days. If you can’t get into the game, you may be wondering why. So are the Payday 3 servers down? Here’s how to check the server status.

Are Payday 3 Servers Down?

Are the Payday 3 servers down? Right now at launch, the Payday 3 servers are down, experiencing a heavy load from all the heisters jumping into the game. Developer Starbreeze Studios has mentioned that the game is experiencing issues, and that it’s working to get them fixed.

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How to Check Payday 3 Server Status

The fastest way to check the Payday 3 server status is to do one of the following:

None of these options are exactly ideal. A large portion of the gaming community likes to check out Down Detector for these sorts of issues, but currently, there isn’t a Down Detector Payday 3 page. Once it goes live, it should be your go-to to check the game’s server status. But for now, if you’re having server issues, the above communities should give you an idea as to whether it’s you or whether it’s the game’s servers.

That answers the question: “Are the Payday 3 servers down?” We’ve also covered how to check the Payday 3 server status. Things are sure to stabilize shortly after release, but for now, just try to be patient. The problem probably isn’t your internet connection, at least for now. Look for more Payday 3 guides, such as how to fix the matchmaking error, here on GameSkinny.

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