Persona 4 Boxed Lunches Guide

If you're looking to up your social links, our Persona 4 boxed lunch guide is your ticket to a good meal.

If you're looking to up your social links, our Persona 4 boxed lunch guide is your ticket to a good meal.

Persona 4 Golden sometimes lets make a special boxed lunch for the next day. But the option to do so is not available every night, and you have to prepare each meal a certain way to get good results when you eat it.

You don’t have to be an expert chef in real life to make it work, though. Our Persona 4 boxed lunch guide has the best method for preparing each meal so you don’t have to worry about it.

Persona 4 Boxed Lunch Guide: How to Make the Best Boxed Lunches

Why Make Persona 4 Boxed Lunches?

Make boxed lunches in your kitchen to take to school the next day.

When you go home for the evening, you’ll occasionally have Nanako pop up and say she went shopping that day (yes, an elementary school kid does your shopping for you; it’s a thing). That’s your cue to get busy in the kitchen, because the fridge is stocked and won’t be full until Nanako goes shopping again.

Go into the kitchen and interact with the fridge; look and see what ingredients are there and what you can make. Making a boxed lunch takes up your evening, so keep that in mind if you’ve got something pressing you need to do, such as increasing your Knowledge for exams.

If not, it’s worth spending the time making a boxed lunch because you can share it with a friend during lunch at school the next day. Doing so increases your Social Link levels with them, which ultimately saves time later if you need an extra boost to get to the next Social Link rank.

Best Method for Making Each Persona 4 Boxed Lunch

Some methods for making boxed lunches are better than others.

Here’s all the different Persona 4 boxed lunches you can make and the best way to make each.

Dish Prep Method
  Broiled Fish  Wrap it tightly
California Rolls  Mix and cool simultaneously
  Carrot and Burdock Root Kinpira  Add soy sauce and mirin
  Chakin Sushi Thinned eggs
  Creamed Stew  Dump in all the cold milk
  Croquettes  High
  Curry  Simmer
  Daigaku-Imo  Deep fry them
  Fried Chicken  Potato starch
  Ginger Pork  Score it with a knife
  Grilled Fish  Strong heat but from far away
Gyoza  Olive oil
  Hamburgers  Cut a hole and look for juice
  Kakuni  Mirin, sugar & sake
  Marinated Spinach  Strain it
  Meat Stew  Simmer with a dropped lid
  Mentaiko Pasta  Mayonnaise
  Oden  Keep on a low flame and don’t boil
  Potato Salad  Smash while still hot
  Pudding  Vanilla extract
  Sweet & Sour Pork  Potato starch
  Tonkatsu  Flour, egg, then panko
Vichyssoise  Add lots of milk
  Yakiniku Bento  Use soy sauce


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