Can't find this elusive treasure demon? You aren't alone -- but we can help you nab him!

Persona 5: Finding the Stone Of Scone Treasure Demon

Can't find this elusive treasure demon? You aren't alone -- but we can help you nab him!

Besides your typical Persona used for combat and fusion, there are also a series of rare “treasure demons” in Persona 5named after famous jewelry rather than demons and mythological entities.

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These unique Persona are procured by exploiting a specific weakness — which varies between treasure demons — and then negotiating. Nabbing your first treasure demon unlocks the A Phantom Thief’s Duty trophy.

More meant for fusion purposes to create every type of Persona than for actually using in battle, treasure demons also offer triple XP when sacrificed.

 Discovering a Treasure Demon

Finding Stone Of Scone in Persona 5

One treasure demon that frequently gets missed is the Stone Of Scone (a reference to the Scottish “stone of destiny” used in coronations) — a level 20 Fortune arcana Persona found most frequently in the fourth Palace (Futuba).

Keep in mind that Persona above your level can’t be acquired (unless you have specific high rank Confidant abilities activated), so you’ll need to be level 20 to get Stone Of Scone.

Chronologically, the Stone Of Scone will be discovered after the level 15 Empress arcana Queen’s Necklace Persona and before the level 25 Priestess arcana Koh-i-Noor Persona.

Stone Of Scone is weak against Curse effects, but immune to all other attack forms. So have some Curse skills like Eiga and its successive iterations ready. Once you get him, the Stone has the following innate skills:

  • Agilao
  • Bufula
  • Zionga
  • Garula
  • Psio
  • Freila
  • Kouga
  • Eiga 

Increasing Encounter Chances for Stone of Scone

As you’d expect, treasure demons are incredibly rare, but you can increase the random appearance rate of Persona like Stone Of Scone by crafting the Treasure Trap infiltration tool, made with:

  • Silk Yarn ×2
  • Plant Balm x3
  • Cork bark x1

If you’ve gotten tired of running around looking for one and decide to move on, treasure demons like Stone Of Sonce are also likely to be found when entering Mementos on a rainy day.

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