Here's all you need to know about the requirements and rewards of the part-time jobs in the latest Persona!

Persona 5 Guide: Unlocking Part-Time Jobs and Job Rewards

Here's all you need to know about the requirements and rewards of the part-time jobs in the latest Persona!
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Although selling treasure in Persona 5 is always going to be the primary income source of a Phantom Thief, outfitting your party doesn’t come cheap — sometimes you just need a little more spending money. How else can an ordinary high school student accomplish this? With part-time jobs!

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This guide will briefly go over unlocking the jobs, what they require you to do, and how they reward you!

How to Unlock All Jobs in Persona 5

Starting from April 18th, you may overhear rumors about the job magazine stands in Shibuya’s Underground Walkway. Visiting any of the magazine stands (marked on your map as a Yen icon) will give you a list of job options to choose from, and selecting it while meeting the requirements will allow you to go there and get started.

You’ll have three options to start with, and a fourth that unlocks later in the game. Be sure to keep an ear out for rumors as to when it becomes available. (We’ll be sure to update once we have exact dates!)

Here’s a quick look at the jobs and their requirements:

  • Convenience Store: Available from 4/18 with no other requirements
  • Flower Shop: Available from 4/18, requires Charm 2
  • Beef Bowl Shop: Available from 5/6, requires Proficiency 2
  • Crossroads Bar: Available in the second quarter of the game, requires Kindness 3, Proficiency 3 and the Devil Arcana unlocked

While you’ll be able to see the Beef Bowl Shop advertisement, you can’t actually work there immediately, since it’s only open during the Evening and you can’t leave Leblanc at night until 5/6.

It’s highly unlikely you have the stats required to get all the jobs straight away, but it shouldn’t take you too long to get there. Let’s look at the jobs in more detail.

Jobs, Availability, and Rewards in Persona 5

Convenience Store
  • Availability: Any day, Afternoon only
  • Rewards: ~2800 yen

Located in Central Street in Shibuya, this job is notable only because it’s the first you get access to. While working, you will occasionally have to decide on calling for assistance if there are a number of people queuing — depending on your answer, your pay for the shift will increase or decrease.

Beyond the money, there are no stat gains or Confidants to be had from this job. However, one Request later in the game will require you to have worked there twice at least. Beyond doing this, or unless you get desperate for cash early, I’d recommend avoiding this job.

Flower Shop
  • Availability: Any day, Afternoon and Evening
  • Rewards: ~3200 yen, +2 Kindness

Found in the Underground Mall in Shibuya. This job will be your bread and butter, as it has good rewards and is always available. You will occasionally be required to arrange a specific flower bouquet for a customer — doing this correctly increases your pay and gives you extra Kindness points.

Even without the bouquet event, this is the best way to efficiently level Kindness, so expect to be working here plenty! Also keep in mind that you can use the store here to buy crafting materials and plant nutrients.

Beef Bowl Shop
  • Availability: Any day, Evening only
  • Rewards: ~3600 yen, +2 Proficiency

You’ll find the Beef Bowl Shop in Central Street in Shibuya. An important point to note is that order to get the job, you must work the night you apply or else you’ll have to check the magazine stand again. Sometimes while working, you’ll be required to memorize the orders of a number of customers and get them right, and your pay will be adjusted accordingly.

This job is also a requirement to unlock the Sun Arcana. To do so, you’ll need to talk to the speech-giving politician at the Station Square when he’s speaking, then go to work there. After the second time, he’ll speak to you after your shift and you can then meet him again at Station Square to become his Confidant.

Crossroads Bar
  • Availability: Evening only
  • Rewards: 5400 yen, +2 Any Stat (varies)

Located in Shinjuku, you’ll discover the bar for story scenes early, but employment there becomes available later in the game. There’s no event that changes your pay, but you can speak to a customer in the bar — this will net you +2 points to a stat that depends on who you choose.

We’ll be sure to update this guide with specifics on who to talk to for what stat when we have the full list!

And that’s about it for part-time jobs in Persona 5! Work hard and you’ll be a slightly richer and more skilled Phantom Thief in no time. Be sure to leave a comment if I’ve missed anything!

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