In Persona 5 Strikers, you can take requests from your fellow Phantom Thieves. Here's how to complete them and get the "What are Friends For?" trophy/achievement.

Persona 5 Strikers Friend Requests Guide: How to Get What Are Friends For?

In Persona 5 Strikers, you can take requests from your fellow Phantom Thieves. Here's how to complete them and get the "What are Friends For?" trophy/achievement.

In Persona 5 Strikers, there about 80 requests that you can fulfill. However, there are certain ones that come from your fellow Phantom Thieves. These friend requests are missable and should be completed as soon as possible on the date that they are given.

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You’ll know when you get one from another party member because they will directly text you and ask you to come speak with them. Completing all of these special friend requests will give you the What are Friends For? trophy/achievement. 

Remember that you must always accept these from the request portion of your menu to activate them. After completing one, go back into your request menu and report it to finish it. A black checkmark next to a quest means you’ve accepted it. A red one means it is done and ready to be turned in.

If a fellow Phantom Thief hasn’t texted you about a request during the day it’s supposed to happen, try proceeding further into the story. In some instances, the story forces you out of the Metaverse anyway, and that’s when some of these can pop up.

Persona 5 Strikers Request List


Sendai Sweets: Ann will text you. Talk to Ann at Sendai Station to receive the quest, and then accept in your menu. You must buy:

  • Zunda Shake
  • Zunda Daifuku
  • Gyutan Ice Cream

Gyutan Ice Cream can be purchased at Adoake Monaka Sweets in Sendai Station at the far left corner arcade shopping area, called “Japanese Sweets Shop.” Zunda Shake and Zunda Daifuku can be bought at Zunda Mochi Shop in the Mt. Aoba Park area. After acquiring all of the items, report it in your menu.

Lending a Paw: This one should come from Morgana, after you completed Sendai Sweets. Talk to the two NPCs, Maiden and Skeptical Woman (picture references below).

Then talk to the Fussy Manager (image location below). 

After that, listen in on the guy next to Futaba at Sendai Station for the password, and then go back to the Fussy Manager to speak with her. Finally, buy the Zunda Supreme from Cafe Blue. Report the quest in your menu.


Love Soupreme: Talk to Ryuji in North Suzushinofor this quest, and then go to the Akagire shop and talk to the person in the white shirt (image location below).

This will unlock another request called Apothecary’s Connection. Go back into Sappora’s Jail, and go to the Gov’t Office Front Gate area to kill 10 Mothman Shadows as Sophia. 

Report the Apothecary Connection appeal, then talk to the guy in front of the store again. Afterward, you can buy two meal tickets at Akagire for you and Ryuji. You will then be able to report Love Soupreme.


Beachside Blast: Makoto will contact you about this one. Talk to her at the beach during the evening after some story events. She’ll ask you to find one watermelon and defeat 10 Jack Frost Shadow while controlling Queen during battle.

You can buy the watermelon at the store Haisai Hoama. Then go to the Sapporo Jail to fight Jack Frost shadows. When both of those tasks are done, report the quest in your menu.


Okinawan Art Appreciation: This one is from Yusuke. Talk to him on the beach, and he’ll ask you to defeat 10 Shiisaa Shadows with him. Go to the Okinawa Jail and make him your party leader. Simply defeat the 10 enemies and report the request.


Cooking Papa: Talk to Zenkichi to get the request, then accept it in your menu. Talk to Haru, and you’ll receive a new one called Obanzai Ingredients, where you’ll have to purchase several ingredients. Accept it in your menu.

You can buy Kamo-Nasu Eggplant at the Unwhat Groceries in the Shinsekai Tower area. However, it seems like Beef and Tofu are nowhere to be found in this area. You can buy them from Sophia’s online shop.

After turning in this one in in your menu, you’ll get the Obanzai recipe from Haru as a reward. Now, talk to Futaba to get the Forging the Ultimate Menu request, and she’ll ask you to get a few items.

You can get both Kyoto Curry and Miso Ramen by cooking them in your RV hideout. The Kyoto Curry recipe is given to you automatically as part of a previous story event. Miso Ramen is a recipe you obtained back at Sapporo earlier in the game. If you missed it before, you can purchase it at Sophia’s online shop at a hugely marked-up price.

After reporting in Futaba’s request, you’ll automatically be able to report Zenkichi’s request, Cooking Papa.

If you’ve been following this guide and finished all of the requests from your crew, then the What are Friends For? trophy/achievement should pop up. For more on Persona 5 Strikers, stay tuned to GameSkinny. 

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