Our Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts guide has everything you need to plan for your best party lineup.

Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts Guide

Our Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts guide has everything you need to plan for your best party lineup.

Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts are a vital part of building a strong party. They function similar to expanded combo movesets in other Warriors-style games, with some important twists befitting each character’s unique style and elemental affinities.

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Despite having just one unlock requirement, they’re also not that easy to unlock, so it’s worth planning ahead to make sure you get the ones you want the most. Lucky for your, our Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts guide is here to take the guessing out of your party planning.

Note: this guide contains what could be considered mild spoilers for movesets and the new party members.

How to Unlock Master Arts 

You’ll unlock these by using a given character in battle repeatedly. The catch is that you have to actually be controlling that character. They’ll gain nothing towards Master Arts when the AI controls them, so figuring out who you want to level up the most is a good idea when you start your infiltrations.

Fortunately, unlocking these moves doesn’t take too terribly long. Joker’s first one unlocks as a tutorial after a few battles in the Shibuya Jail, and you can expect it to take roughly 15-20 or more to unlock the next one or another character’s first one.

And there’s no harm in turning the difficulty down to mow through mobs to unlock them faster if you want to.

For this guide, normal attacks refer to your “Square” attack on PlayStation or “Y” attack on Switch, while special attack is for the “Triangle” attacks on PlayStation and “X” attack on Switch.

If you’re playing on Steam, then it’s, of course, whatever key you’ve mapped those attacks to or the same button on any controller you’re using.

Joker Master Arts

Joker’s revolve almost entirely around his special gun attacks, except the initial one. Make sure to use Marked Shot whenever possible, as follow-up strikes are handy for wearing down stronger foes.

Master Art Input Effect
Marking Shot  Press “A” or “Circle” after a special attack or mid-air special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Wild Rush  Five normal attacks, two special attacks  Extra Persona strike
Phantom Barrage  Special attacks won’t use ammunition  Triggers 3-shot attack after certain moves
Dead Shot  Hold L to aim gun, and hold R to fire  Consumes multiple ammo rounds for a powerful shot


Skull/Ryuji Master Arts

Ryuji’s make him a more viable damage dealer by shortening charge attack times and reducing some damage.

Master Art Input Effect
In My Sights Two normal attacks and a special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Good Measure One normal attack followed by one special attack Deals increased damage. Charge to summon Captain Kidd for additional damage
Sprinter Passive art Decreases charge time
Rebel Yell Passive art Increases Skull’s Toughness longevity and may reduce damage.


Mona/Morgana Master Arts

Morgana’s aren’t quite as impressive but significantly improve his usability.

Master Art Input Effect
Animal Instinct Four normal attacks and one special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Cat’s Paw One normal and one special attack or three normal attacks and one special attack Pulls enemies closer
Miracle Punch Two normal attacks and one special attack Attack could become Miracle Punch (critical hit)
Cyclone Charge Passive skill Bus Morgana rams enemies and produces Wind wave.


Panther/Ann Master Arts

Ann’s best make use of her plain special attack Enchant (press the special attack button once), which adds a fire element to all her attacks.

Master Art Input Effect
No Escape Five normal attacks  Perform a follow-up strike
Feel the Heat With Enchant active, press the special attack button at the end of a combo Performs a swinging whip attack
Crocodile Tears One normal attack and one special attack Carmen casts Tarunda (lowers enemy attack) without using SP 
Wildfire Passive skill Increases fire attack power and chance of burn


Fox/Yusuke Master Arts

Yusuke’s are a versatile mixed bag that make the starving artist a force to be reckoned with.

Master Art Input Effect
Gleaming Blade Two normal attacks and one special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
High Counter One special attack or three normal attacks plus one special attack Briefly increases hit count when pressing the special attack button multiple times
Legendary Thief One normal attack and one special attack Goemon casts Sukukaha (increases agility) without using SP 
Ice Counter One special attack Increases chance of Freeze. Press multiple times to raise the chance higher.


Queen/Makoto Master Arts

Unsurprisingly, Makoto’s are all about making the queen of fists hit even harder with her special Burst move, which adds Nuclear to Makoto’s moves.

Master Art Input Effect
Wheelie Rush Two normal attacks and one special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Phantom Star Rider Passive skill Using Burst increases damage for all Makoto’s special attacks
Fortified Moxy Passive skill Using Burst increases Makoto’s melee Triangle/X attacks
Nuclear Reaction Perform a Follow-Up Activates Burst


Noir/Haru Master Arts

Haru’s improve every aspect of the mistress of murder’s moveset.

Master Art Input Effect
Axe Waltz Four normal attacks  Perform a follow-up strike
Vertigo Slash One normal attack and one special attack May cause Dizzy
Ballroom Blitzer Press and hold special attack button  Increases damage and range of Haru’s special attack (press once and hold down) without consuming ammo.
Etoile Press and hold special attack button Increases fire rate and decreases chance of flinching


Sophie/Sophia Master Arts

Sophie’s are a bit trickier to pull off just because they’re tied with her yo-yo throw-and-catch attacks, but getting the hang of it gives her a bit of a power boost.

Master Art Input Effect
Drive Spinner Four normal attacks and one special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Data Synch Perform a normal or midair normal attack with good timing Upgrades Sophia’s attack power by one
Blast Processing Passive skill. After perfect catch, perform a normal and special attack or two normal and one special attacks, then press the special button repeatedly for higher hit count Upgrades special attack after perfect catch. 
Mega Blaster Aim with L, then hold R to fire. Launches Gravity Bullet. Perfect Catch restores ammo


Wolf/Zenkichi Master Arts

Zenkichi’s work a bit differently. These are almost all Fury (one press of the special button) related, and he won’t get a Follow-Up skill until later. His Alpha’s Fangs is a three-part skill that affects multiple combos. We’ve listed them separately, but they all unlock at the same time Alpha’s Fangs does.

Master Art Input Effect
Wolf’s Maw Activate Fury Adds Almighty to all Zenkichi’s attacks
Master of the Hunt Don’t activate Fury Increases HP absorption
Wolf’s Howl Activate Fury Increased critical rate, reduced HP consumption
Alpha’s Fangs (1) Normal attack and special attack Perform a follow-up strike 
Alpha’s Fangs (2) Two normal attacks and a special attack, then hold special button Extends the combo
Alpha’s Fangs (3) Three normal attacks and one special attack, then hold the special button Increases hit count

That’s everything you need to know about Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts, but be sure to check out our other Persona 5 Strikers guides for more tips and tricks on this awesome road trip.

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