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Pet Simulator 99 Value List: All Pets and Items

Here's a complete value list of all pets and items available in Roblox Pet Simulator 99.

You can buy so many pets, items, and enchants in each Egg World of Pet Simulator 99 that you might get lost at first. But don’t worry, our guide will provide you with a complete value list of all pets and items available in each Egg World of this Roblox game.

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All Pets and Items Value List for Pet Simulator 99

All Egg 1-9 World Pets Value List

  • Cracked Egg (Dog, Corgi, Cat, Axolotl): 90 Coins
  • Spotted Egg (Bunny, Chick, Dalmatian): 150 Coins
  • Paw Egg (Dalmatian, Ducky, Monkey, Parrot): 250 Coins
  • Grass Egg (Elephant, Parrot, Tiger): 650 Coins
  • Wood Egg (Squirrel, Bear, Tiger): 1,500 Coins
  • Pumpkin Egg (Lamb, Raccoon, Fox): 4,000 Coins
  • Hive Egg (Bee, Turkey, Scarecrow Cat): 6,000 Coins
  • Acorn Egg (Piggy, Scarecrow Cat, Llama): 9,500 Coins
  • Blossom Egg (White Bunny, Chicken, Flamingo): 20,000 Coins

All Egg 10-20 World Pets Value List

  • Corgi Egg (Cow, Flamingo, Ladybug): 45,000 Coins
  • Cat Egg (Turtle, Ladybug, Hedgehog, Ugly Duckling): 70,000 Coins
  • Dog Egg (Ugly Duckling, Froggy, Umbrella Dog): 100,000 Coins
  • Dragon Egg (Umbrella Dog, Umbrella Cat, Platypus, Dragon): 200,000 Coins
  • Rock Egg (Platypus, Firefly, Dragon): 350,000 Coins
  • Geode Egg (Mining Dog, Happy Rock, Demolition Cat): 500,000 Coins
  • Hut Egg (Sapphire Carbuncle, Demolition Cat, Emerald Carbuncle, Willow Wisp): 1 Gold Bar
  • Grave Egg (Bat, Green Cobra, Willow Wisp): 1 Gold Bar 500,000 Coins
  • Spike Egg (Black Bear, Griffin, Guilded Raven): 2 Gold Bars
  • Sprout Egg (Guilded Raven, Black Widow, Shadow Griffin, Agony): 4 Gold Bars 500,000 Coins
  • Mushroom Egg (Slime, Cyclops, Shadow Griffin, Agony): 6 Gold Bars 500,000 Coins
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All Egg 21-33 World Pets Value List

  • Spirit Egg (Mushroom Raccoon, Enchanted Cat, Enchanted Elephant, Enchanted Deer): 9 Gold Bars
  • Crimson Egg (Purple Cobra, Enchanted Deer, Butterfly): 20 Gold Bars
  • Overgrown Egg (Butterfly, Peacock, Bobcat, Mystical Fox): 40 Gold Bars
  • Mossy Egg (Bobcat, Chimpanzee, Panther, Mystical Fox): 80 Gold Bars
  • Jungle Egg (Sloth, Lion, Jaguar): 100 Gold Bars
  • Sandcastle Egg (Lemur, Jaguar, Crocodile, King Cobra): 150 Gold Bars
  • Palm Tree Egg (Gecko, Hippo, Crocodile): 250 Gold Bars
  • Beach Ball Egg (Seal, Dolphin, Pufferfish, Axolotuus): 350 Gold Bars
  • Coral Egg (Blue Fish, Green Fish, Goldfish, Axolotuus): 700 Gold Bars
  • Anchor Egg (Goldfish, Jellyfish, Mantis Shrimp, Kraken): 1,500 Gold Bars
  • Alantis Egg (Kraken, Stingray, Hydra): 3,000 Gold Bars
  • Tropical Egg (Mermaid Cat, Poseidon Dog, Poseidon Corgi): 6,000 Gold Bars
  • Beach Egg (Moray Eel, Whale Shark, Shark, Midnight Axolotl): 8,500 Gold Bars

All Egg 34-48 World Pets Value List

  • Coconut Egg (Flower Gecko, Shark, Midnight Axolotl, Pineapple Cat): 10,000 Gold Bars
  • Tiki Egg (Luau Cat, Luau Seal, Pineapple Cat, Tiki Dominus): 25,000 Gold Bars
  • Sand Bucket Egg (Sandcastle Cat, Sandcastle Dog, Fish in a Bucket, Tiki Dominus): 35,000 Gold Bars
  • Sunny Egg (Turtle in a Bucket, Fish in a Bucket, Sailor Shark, Hydra Axolotl): 50,000 Gold Bars
  • Pirate Egg (Sailor Shark, Pirate Cat, Sailor Dolphin, Hydra Axolotl): 75,000 Gold Bars
  • Ship Egg (Pirate Cat, Pirate Panda, Pirate Parrot, African Wild Dog): 100,000 Gold Bars
  • Zebra Egg (Giraffe, Zebra, African Wild Dog, Cheetah): 150,000 Gold Bars
  • Cheetah Egg (Gazelle, Quokka, Cheetah, Rhino): 200,000 Gold Bars
  • Cactus Egg (Gorilla, Quokka, Rhino): 300,000 Gold Bars
  • Fossil Egg (Rhino, Armadillo, Kangaroo, Hyena): 450,000 Gold Bars
  • Egyptian Egg (Dino, Hyena, Spitting Dino, Fossil Dragon, Dino Cat): 950,000 Gold Bars
  • Sandstone (Egg Desert Cat, Camel, Scorpion, Sphinx): 2 Platinum Coins
  • Cowboy Egg (Scorpion, Desert Ram, Puma, Honey Badger): 4 Platinum Coins
  • Canyon Egg (Puma, Horse, Bull, Yee-haw Dog): 9 Platinum Coins
  • Hyena Egg (Bull, Goat, Bison): 20 Platinum Coins

All Egg 49-65 World Pets Value List

  • Melted Egg (Deer, Moose, Snow Ram, Fawn): 40 Platinum Coins
  • Snow Egg (Snow Ram, Snow Dog, Snow Cat, Snow Leopard, Narwhal): 80 Platinum Coins
  • Icicle Egg (Snow Squirrel, Penguin, Narwhal, Arctic Fox): 150 Platinum Coins
  • Snowman Egg (Penguin, Arctic Fox, Bearserker, Frost Dragon, Snowman): 350 Platinum Coins
  • Yeti Egg (Walrus, Frost Dragon, Snowman, Cheerful Yeti): 750 Platinum Coins
  • Ice Egg (Snowman, Husky, Cheerful Yeti, Polar Bear): 1,500 Platinum Coins
  • Thawed Egg (Lava Slime, Ice Slime, Sabretooth Tiger, Angry Yeti, Icemortuus): 3,500 Platinum Coins
  • Magna Egg (Sabretooth Tiger, Hell Rock, Three Headed Dragon, Phoenix): 7,000 Platinum Coins
  • Obsidian Egg (Three Headed Dragon, Phoenix, Hell Spider, Hound of Hades): 15,000 Platinum Coins
  • Volcano Egg (Hell Chick, Hell Spider, Mortuus, Hound of Hades, Wyvern of Hades): 30,000 Platinum Coins
  • Bone Egg (Fire Cat, Fire Dog, Fire Horse, Wyvern of Hades): 70,000 Platinum Coins
  • Tentacle Egg (Hell Bat, Hell Fox, Demon): 150,000 Platinum Coins
  • Hell Egg (Flamortuus, Demon,Hellish Axolotl): 300,000 Platinum Coins
  • Metal Egg (Cyborg Bunny, Cyborg Panda, Cyborg Dragon, Cyborg Dominus): 650,000 Platinum Coins
  • Sakura Egg (Ninja Turtle, Ninja Musket, Ninja Cat, Cyborg Dominus): 1 Platinum Bar 500,000 Platinum Coins
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All Items Value List

  • Clan Voucher: 200,000 Gems
  • Royalty Charm: 750,000 Gems
  • Strength Charm: 150,000 Gems
  • Glittering Charm: 300,000 Gems
  • High-Tech Hoverboard: 100,000 Gems
  • Balloon Hoverboard: 300,000 Gems
  • Fire Dragon Hoverboard: 1,000,000 Gems
  • Cat Hoverboard: 100,000 Gems
  • Rainbow Fruit: 200 Gems
  • Gift Bag: 3,500 Gems
  • Large Gift Bag: 7,000 Gems
  • Coins Charm: 40,000 Gems
  • Bonus Charm: 50,000 Gems
  • Agility Charm: 25,000 Gems
  • Diamonds Charm: 120,000 Gems
  • Spinny Wheel Ticket: 9,000 Gems
  • Booth Slot Voucher: 30,000 Gems
  • Magic Coin Jar: 400 Gems
  • Crystal Key: 12,000 Gems
  • Basic Coin Jar: 300 Gems
  • Fortune Flag: 3,000 Gems
  • TNT: 400 Gems
  • Hasty Flag: 1,000 Gems
  • Magnet Flag: 800 Gems
  • Comet: 400 Gems
  • Coins Flag: 1,000 Gems
  • Diamonds Flag: 1,000 Gems
  • Giant Coin Jar: 2,500 Gems
  • Squeaky Toy: 750 Gems
  • TNT Crate: 1,000 Gems
  • Nametag: 2,500 Gems

All Enchants Value List

  • Lucky Eggs V: 150,000 Gems
  • Strong Pets V: 50,000 Gems
  • Tap Power V: 20,000 Gems
  • Treasure Hunter V: 30,000 Gems
  • Speed V: 30,000 Gems
  • Criticals V: 30,000 Gems
  • Coins V: 60,000 Gems
  • Diamonds V: 100,000 Gems
  • Lightning: 30,000 Gems
  • Blast: 30,000 Gems
  • Chest Breaker: 750,000 Gems
  • Exotic Pet: 300,000 Gems
  • Huge Hunter: 1,500,000 Gems
  • Lucky Block: 600,000 Gems
  • Chest Mimic: 900,000 Gems
  • Fortune: 900,000 Gems
  • Shiny Hunter: 1,500,000 Gems
  • Fireworks: 150,000 Gems
  • Midas Touch: 80,000 Gems

That’s it for our value list of all pets and items in Roblox. For more guides and other Roblox-related guides, check out our dedicated hub page.

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