Phasmophobia — How to Get Perfect Investigation Bonus

The Perfect Investigation Bonus in Phasmophobia gives you more money when you complete an investigation.

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Knowing how to get the Perfect Investigation Bonus in Phasmophobia is well worth your while. Using an assortment of tools you can figure out what entity is haunting the location to earn money and XP. But you can also earn the Perfect Investigation Bonus to earn extra money. And that moola can be used to buy more equipment. Here’s how to get the Perfect Investigation Bonus in Phasmophobia.

How to get the Perfect Investigation Bonus in Phasmophobia — Explained

If you’re trying to get the Phasmophobia Perfect Investigation bonus, there are a few things you’ll need to do:

  • Correctly identify the entity.
  • Complete all the tasks.
  • Find the Bone evidence.
  • Fill the Journal with 3-Star photos.

When you do all these, you’ll get the Perfect Investigation bonus, which rewards extra money at the end of the investigation.

How to Get the Perfect Investigation Bonus Step-by-Step

While correctly identifying the entity haunting the location without dying is the goal of Phasmophobia, the rest of the requirements for a Perfect Investigation are optional.

Completing All the Tasks

Completing the three tasks on the board may take the most time during an investigation. They can range from difficult to easy depending on the requirements. Some can even be impossible if you don’t have the equipment unlocked and purchased (that’s why having more money and getting the Perfect Investigation Bonus can be important!).

In the case of the photo below, I didn’t have a Smudge Stick purchased for this investigation, meaning I couldn’t get the Perfect Investigation Bonus even if I completed all the other requirements. This means you always want to be stocked as much as possible and hope that the tasks are in your favor until you unlock all of the available equipment.

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How to Find the Bone Evidence for the Perfect Investigation Bonus

Finding the bone for the Perfect investigation Bonus tends to be relatively easy and happens naturally throughout the investigation. The bone spawns randomly in the location, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled to any floor, counter, or tabletop you see.

How to Get 3-Star Photos

Another grindy bit is filling your Journal with 3-Star photos. You’ll need to take 10 photos to fill it up, and they can be of a Burned Crucifix, Bone, the Entity, and dirty water if you want to have a completely perfect game. Other photos can be of UV evidence, such as fingerprints or footprints in salt. As long as the photos are all 3-Star, you’ll trigger the bonus.

To get 3-Star photos they should be:

  • Close to the object
  • Properly framed
  • Feature the bone, a cursed object, evidence or a co-op player’s dead body

That’s how to earn the Perfect Investigation Bonus in Phasmophobia. You may have to play many games before you can unlock all the equipment and be able to afford it. If you have an investigation you can finish all the tasks for, take the extra time to do so, as all completed extras earn you additional rewards after the investigation. For more on Phasmophobia, like how to use certain pieces of equipment, check out our full Phasmo guides hub, ghost free.

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