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Phasmophobia Monkey Paw Questions Guide

Here are all the Monkey Paw questions you can ask in Phasmophobia.

The Monkey Paw is one of the more useful cursed objects. You have a set of wishes you can ask it for help in your investigation, but it’s not without its downsides. Let’s go into all Phasmophobia Monkey Paw questions and wishes.

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Phasmophobia Monkey Paw Wishes Guide: Questions and More

The amount of questions you can ask a Monkey Paw in Phasmophobia depends on the reward multiplier. Each difficulty has its own reward multiplier by default. Here are the amount of wishes you’ll get with the Monkey Paw on each difficulty:

  • Amateur: Five wishes
  • Intermediate: Four wishes
  • Professional: Three wishes
  • Nightmare: Three wishes
  • Insanity: Three wishes
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Phasmophobia Questions List

  • “I wish for activity.” or “I wish the ghost would do something.”
    • This question doubles ghost activity for two minutes, but locks exit doors and will break the fuse box for the rest of the investigation.
  • “I wish to see the ghost.”
    • This question initiates the ghost showing itself in its current location, while lessening the user’s vision. A cursed hunt will start after a few seconds.
  • “I wish for sanity” or “I wish to be sane.”
    • This question makes it so every player has 50% sanity, but it will increase the sanity drain for the rest of the investigation and will move the ghost to another room.
  • “I wish the ghost was trapped.” or “I wish to trap the ghost.”
    • This question moves the ghost to a different room and locks the doors to it for a minute, but it’ll also lock the doors to the room the person who makes the wish is in. Afterward, a cursed hunt will start.
  • “I wish for sun/rain/snow/wind/fog/clear sky.”
    • This wish temporarily blinds the player, then changes the weather to the requested type.
  • “I wish to be safe.”
    • This question bursts the lightbulbs in the room the Monkey Paw users are in, but removes blockage from the closest hiding spot. The person who asked the question will then be sensed by the ghost for the rest of the investigation.
  • “I wish for anything.”
    • This question triggers one of any of the effects from other questions.
  • “I wish for knowledge.”
    • This wish starts a cursed hunt near the person using the Monkey Paw, while marking off one of the incorrect evidences in the journal. After making this wish, they’ll be afflicted with poor sight and hearing.
  • “I wish for life.” or “I wish to revive my friend.”
    • This wish revives a dead player, but has a 50/50 chance of killing the Monkey Paw user.

And that’s it for all the Phasmophobia Monkey Paw questions. I like using this particular cursed item, but it’s not without its downsides. Reviving a dead player is particularly useful. For more help with your ghost-hunting efforts, check out our other Phasmo guides, such as our ghost cheat sheet here on GameSkinny.

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