How to discern and survive The Twins in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia: The Twins Survival Guide

How to discern and survive The Twins in Phasmophobia.

The Twins are one of the three new ghost types recently added to Phasmophobia, but unlike the the Raiju they are not as easy to discern. The Twins are counted a single ghost, but they do act separately from one another.

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There is a rumor that there are two ghosts when hunting when facing The Twins. This is incorrect, as there is only one ghost present during hunts.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t effectively two ghosts, however. One will mostly stay in the ghost room while the other wanders the map causing trouble; which can make it difficult to discern from other active ghosts.

How to Determine a Ghost is The Twins

The evidence required for The Twins is:

  • EMF 5
  • Spirit Box
  • Freezing Temperatures

Two of the three can be used to discern whether the ghost you’re dealing with is The Twins in situations where you can only obtain two types of evidence — whether the ghost is being stingy with its evidence or you’re on Nightmare mode.

The main feature of The Twins is their combined ability to mess with objects around the map, while only one of them gives all three evidences. One will primarily interact with objects in the primary ghost room, while the other will interact with objects elsewhere.

If you’ve come across a ghost that seems to be interacting with items in two separate rooms, you’ll want to use the Spirit Box and Thermometer to confirm which is the actual ghost room. Only the primary ghost will respond to the Spirit Box or give freezing temps. That said, it can still be quite chilly in the secondary ghost’s room.

Notably, both ghosts can give EMF 5. This can cause false flags when trying to find the ghost room and can be dangerous as either ghost can hunt.

How to Survive The Twins

If you have a ghost hunting distinctly from two different rooms, it very well may be The Twins. You can check this further by placing Motion Sensors close to both rooms, as only the primary ghost will set off Motion Sensors.

Surviving when The Twins hunt isn’t much different from any other ghosts, so there is nothing in particular to note beyond the fact either ghost can hunt. Do not assume you will be hunted from the ghost room with The Twins. Be aware of hiding and loop spots around the house for safety and stay on your toes.

The Twins aren’t as bad as some of the rumors suggest, hopefully this guide helps you better deal with the Terrible Two. Check out our other guides on how to survive a Raiju and how to survive an Onryo in Phasmophobia.

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