Phasmophobia Voodoo Doll: What Does It Do?

Here's how Phasmophobia's new voodoo doll cursed item can help or harm an investigation.

Here's how Phasmophobia's new voodoo doll cursed item can help or harm an investigation.

The voodoo doll cursed item was added to Phasmophobia in the update, adding a new way for players to interact with ghosts. The voodoo doll can also add new difficulty to an investigation if players get particularly unlucky with the pins.

There is only a one in five chance for the voodoo doll to spawn on a map. One cursed item spawns per map, and you could instead run into one of the others in a Phasmophobia round.

How to Use the Voodoo Doll in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia‘s voodoo doll has 10 pins stuck inside of it. Each time you interact with the doll, it pushes a pin into the doll at random.

Each pin you push into the voodoo doll will force the ghost to do an interaction, which can be useful for finding its exact location provided you’re not too far away. It can also be used to get pictures of interactions, but there is a catch. Two catches, in fact.

One of the voodoo doll’s pins is stuck in the heart. Should this pin be pressed in, it will immediately start a cursed hunt.

A cursed hunt is longer than a regular hunt, and if you trigger one, every single hunt for the rest of the round will be just as long. Cursed hunts only have a one-second grace period and can start at any Sanity level.

Since the pin you press into the voodoo doll is random, even the first pin you press in can trigger a cursed hunt and subsequently make the rest of the round that much harder.

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It’s up to you whether you use the new voodoo doll in Phasmophobia, as it does have its benefits. Is the risk worth the reward? It really depends on you and your team. Be sure to let them know you are using the voodoo doll before you start pressing pins, just in case it does trigger a cursed hunt and potentially kill you or one of them.

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