Six Heroes. Two Teams. One lane, and a battle for a Planet. Will your crew be zeroes or heroes?

Planet of Heroes Beginner’s Guide

Six Heroes. Two Teams. One lane, and a battle for a Planet. Will your crew be zeroes or heroes?
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It’s a whole new world out there when it comes to gaming on the smallest of small screens. Planet of Heroes, from developer Fast Forward, is yet another entry into the fast-growing mobile MOBA genre — and perhaps the most recognizably “traditional” one. It could very well be a League of its own.

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This Planet just ain’t big enough for the six of you — but we’re here with a few tips that’ll have you (and up to two of your friends) crushing enemy 3s in no time. 

Stick Together

I know the enemy Bluebeard is at next to no life. I see it, you see it, they see it — and so do Bluebeard’s two friends just a bit away. Now, you might be better than all three of them put together. But unless you’re at a massive level advantage, the math is never in favor of the lone wolf. 

One of the keys to winning team games — especially in the beginning stages of learning a new title — is to stay and work as a team. Most engagements tend to break down into raw DPS battles, and a single Hero on either side can often spell the difference between victory or defeat.

Stay together, help each other, and focus your fire. It seems obvious to play as a team in a team game, but the amount of players that don’t – and the amount of games those players lose – is staggeringly high across the board. 

Stay On Your Grind

Without the intricate in-game item system of more traditional MOBAs, one of the two key defining factors in the overall strength of your Heroes — both singularly and as a team — is your team level. Similar to Heroes of the Storm, teams only have a single overall level shared between them — meaning if you’re down by one level, you’re actually down by three. 

If there’s a lull in the lane combat, or the enemy is being a bit defensive and sticking close to their towers, don’t be afraid to roam as a squad down into the jungle below the lane to pick up some free buffs and experience. The jungle monsters are fairly easy overall — with even the massive Archon being soloable in early stages of the game. This can result in a huge lead if only one team is collecting on them. 

Similarly, if your team is behind, try to sneak one or two players down into the Jungle while the remainder hold the fort. I know we just went over “Stick Together”, but desperate times call for desperate measures — and being significantly behind on experience is definitely desperate. 

Pick and Practice a “Main”

While it’s a good idea for newer players in MOBAs to experiment around a bit and find a character that suits them and their playstyle (and we still recommend doing that here), don’t be afraid of adopting a “main” — or a single character you play significantly more than the rest. And don’t be afraid to do it quite early.

Thanks to Planet of Heroes‘ Rune system, the more you play/spend resources on a single character, the stronger they become — and as of yet there’s not much in the way of “Rune level” balancing. So get on your grind, power up a character you enjoy, and let that massive rune advantage help carry you to a few easy wins

Have a Balanced Team Comp

Veterans of MMOs and MOBAs alike know the importance of having a well-balanced team, and Planet of Heroes is no different. While sometimes raw stat differences can carry three ADCs to victory, more often than not you’re going to want a frontline/tank type to soak damage, a healer/support type to keep everyone in fighting shape and survive raw enemy burst, and a designated damage dealer — whether ranged or melee. 

Bluebeard, Duncan, and Neelu, for example, are a little light on ranged damage — but have enough raw stats, survivability, and damage output to carry you fairly deep into the game. 

While the free-roam joystick controls of Planet of Heroes may let you go anywhere you want, the key to most victores is teamwork. Stick together, time your skills well, and support each other — and this Planet is yours for the taking. 

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