Plants vs. Zombies 2: The Pirate World Guide

I'm going to detail the Pirate Seas World.
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In the first Plants vs. Zombies, Dave was just defending his lawn. In Plants vs. Zombies 2:It’s About Time, Dave is looking for his taco. On Dave’s quest to find his taco, he’s stumbled upon different worlds. Each world has 25 levels with additional mini games every few levels. I’m going to detail the Pirate Seas World.

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Get to know your plants to plan ahead for that level. Plants like Sunflower and Wall-nut are familiar friends that take up less sunlight and are valuable members of keeping the plant team alive. The others below can be acquired on the Pirate Seas world.

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  • Kernel-pult can fire both corn kernel and butter at zombies, slowing them down.
  • Snapdragons breathe fire at 6 nearby tiles. Use a power up to see the damage this plant can really do.
  • A Spikeweed lets regular zombies roll right over it. The real damage starts when large objects start rolling over the spikes.
  • Spring Beans are best planted close to the edge, near water. The spring beans have the ability to bounce the zombies into the water.
  • Coconut Cannons shoot in a land and causes an explosion that takes a lot of zombies out. Coconut Cannons have a decent recharge rate but are sunlight intensive.
  • Threepeters are an upgrade from regular Peashooters. The Threepeters can shoot peas in three lanes.
  • Spikerocks are the hard core version of the spikeweed. They can’t be eaten by zombies but they can only take three hits from rolling zombies.
  • Cherry Bombs are single use plants that can blow up zombies but can cause a lot of damage if planted at the right time.


Similar to the basic garden variety zombie, the Regular Plank Walking Zombie is one of the easiest zombies to break down. Having a traffic cone over the Conehead Pirate’s head makes him harder to kill. For the Buckethead Pirate, you’ve got to break the bucket over his head first before he takes damage. The Flag Pirate Zombie signals the arrival of big waves of zombies. A Swashbuckler Zombie swings in from a rope and lands four tiles into your board. Planning a second defense around the middle of the board should take care of them.

Seagull Zombies fly over low plants and water, so low plants like spikeweed aren’t effective. Barrel Roller Zombies have an imp rolling around its barrel, that pop out when the barrel gets broken. The barrel allows the zombie to roll right over plants. Imp Pirate Zombies are about average to kill but hungry enough to move slightly faster than regular plant walking zombies. Imp Cannons shoot imp pirate zombies if it isn’t destroyed quickly enough.

Pirate Captain Zombie is slow and will steadily make his way down the plank. The Zombie parrot will steal your plants right off the board. This makes planting with a plan a necessity, especially on levels where you can’t plant any more plants. The Gargantuar Zombie is large, carries an imp on his back, and beats your plants with a shark. He’s difficult but not impossible to take down.

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Random tips

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the plant food, especially during waves of zombies. The actions of some of the plants are always interesting to watch. Use the greenhouse plants to plan your next advantage. You never know what that level could benefit from unless you start experimenting with using the special abilities regarding the plant you just grew. In later levels, use the shovel and take advantage of uprooting plants that could be replaced with a better plant that costs more sunlight.

This game also uses in app purchases to acquire coins, certain plants, and other things to make the levels go faster. But keep in mind, you don’t have to purchase anything to enjoy the game. It might take a little longer, but it’s not a terrible way to kill time.

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