Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Cactus Variants Guide

Want to maximize your effectiveness as a Cactus? Then, check out this Cactus variant guide to choose the best one for you!

Cacti snipe, set traps, and all around annoy the enemy team in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. Their mines can blow up groups and their Tallnuts can completely stop them. The different variants for the Cactus makes it an even more lethal class.

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I’ll go over each variant, what they do, and some tips for each of them if needed. You’ll know everything you need to pick the best Cactus for whatever you want to do. If you want a basic overview of the class, check out my Cactus Guide.

If you want other tips, go to my Master Guide List for everything I’ve done.

This guide will cover everything about the Cactus variants including:

  • Cactus Variants: Each variant and what they do.
  • Class Variant Tips: Tips for each variant, when necessary.

Cactus Variants

  • Default variant. Shoots needles from long distances as its primary weapon. Does extra damage on critical hits.
  • Upgrades – Extra Spike Growth, Fast-Load Cactus Training, Pointier Spikes.
    • Extra Spike Growth – Increases ammo capacity.
    • Fast-Load Cactus Training – Makes reloading faster.
    • Pointier Spikes – Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo – Cactus Needles
    • Reload Slow
    • Damage Type Extra Damage on Critical Hits
    • Range Long
Camo Cactus
  • This variant has a longer range. It has less ammo though, and longer reload.
  • Upgrades – Secret Spike Stash, Survival Cactus Training, Perfect Spikes.
    • Secret Spike Stash – Increases ammo capacity.
    • Survival Cactus Training – Makes reloading faster.
    • Perfect Spikes – Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo – Camo Ammo
    • Reload Very Slow
    • Damage Type Extra Damage on Critical Hits
    • Range Extremely Long
  • Pure sniper for this one. The already longer range gets increased at the cost of less ammo and longer reload.
  • It is best, and only, to use this when sniping enemies that you normally can’t reach.
Fire Cactus 
  • This variant adds fire damage over time to its primary attack. It also has a smaller range than the normal cactus.
  • Upgrades – Plethora of Flaming Spikes, Super-Rapid Reload, Superheated Flaming Spikes.
    • Plethora of Flaming Spikes – Increases ammo capacity.
    • Super-Rapid Reload – Makes reloading faster.
    • Superheated Flaming Spikes – Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo – Fire Needles
    • Reload Slow
    • Damage Type Fire damage over time
    • Range Mid
  • This is great for dealing extra damage while moving on to other targets.

Ice Cactus
  • This variant shoots frozen needle shots that freeze enemies after a few shots.
  • Upgrades – Extra-Frosty Spikes, Cold Snap Reload, Sharper, Colder Ice.
    • Extra-Frosty Spikes – Increases ammo capacity.
    • Cold Snap Reload – Makes reloading faster.
    • Sharper, Colder Ice – Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo – Ice Needles
    • Reload Medium
    • Damage Type Freezing Damage
    • Range Long
  • Great for stopping enemies in their tracks.
  • Sniping enemies from far away and freezing them helps to drop zombies before they even get close enough to attack.
Power Cactus
  • The electric cactus. It shoots electric needles that chain to nearby enemies.
  • Upgrades – Electric Spike Stockpile, Charged Spike Reload, Supercharged Spikes.
    • Electric Spike Stockpile – Increases ammo capacity.
    • Charged Spike Reload – Makes reloading faster.
    • Supercharged Spikes – Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo – Electric Needles
    • Reload Slow
    • Damage Type Electric Damage
    • Range Mid
  • This is great for groups of zombies when not using the drone.
  • When you see enemies bunched up, start blasting away with the primary attack to get all of them.
Future Cactus
  • It has a charged shot called “Future Shot” that does a ton of damage, as well as splash damage.
  • Upgrades – Far Future Ammo, Futuristic Reload, Incomprehensible Future Shot.
    • Far Future Ammo – Increases ammo capacity.
    • Futuristic Reload – Makes reloading faster.
    • Incomprehensible Future Shot – Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo – Futuristic Things
    • Reload Slow
    • Damage Type Impact Damage
    • Range Long
  • The charged shot almost always kills in one shot.
  • It will automatically shoot a short time after being fully charged. Also, it takes a while to fully charge it.
  • This is also good for groups because of the splash damage it does.
  • Great when you want to take down powerful zombies.
Bandit Cactus
  • It has a gatling gun-like shot, similar to the cactus drone.
  • Upgrades – Fancier Bandolier, Steely Gaze, Sharpened Needles.
    • Fancier Bandolier – Increases ammo capacity.
    • Steely Gaze – Makes reloading faster.
    • Sharpened Needles – Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo – Rapid Needles
    • Reload  Medium
    • Damage Type  Impact Damage
    • Range  Long
  • Although it is rapid fire, a nice alternative to the other variants, you still want to be precise for this to be any good.
  • Each shot does little damage on its own, but if you manage to hit with most or all of them, you can mow down plenty of zombies.

This wraps up the Cactus variants guide. If you have any questions, or anything to add that I left out, let me know in the comments. For more tips and guides, check out my Master Guide List for Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare.

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