Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Cactus Guide

Ready to learn the ways of the sniper? Then, check out this Cactus Guide for everything you need to know!

The Cactus is the sniper for the Plants team in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. They shoot needle at the enemies from far distances to deal lethal damage. They are also armed with mines and barriers to stop enemy progress. If you like to snipe, and annoy enemies, this is the class for you.

I'll be explaining the Cactus basics and how they match up with each Zombie class in this guide. If you'd like a guide on the different variants for Cactus, visit my Cactus Variants Guide. For other tips and guides, check out my Master Guide List.

This guide will cover everything about the Cactus including:

  • Basic Combat Tips - Things that give you an edge in battle.
  • Class Abilities - Each ability for Cactus, and what they do.
  • Class Matchups - What to do against each Zombie.

Basic Combat Tips - Death from afar

As a Cactus, you want to stay out of sight and attack from far away. There are many ways to do this. You can snipe with the primary weapon, set mines to protect you, or spots that zombies might go, or set up Tallnuts to impede zombie progress. Their abilities are: Potato Mine, Garlic Drone, and Tallnut Battlement.

  • Potato Mine - Using this ability plants a mine on the ground. When zombies get close, the mine explodes, doing massive damage to any zombie in the area.
  • Garlic Drone - This is drone that Cacti control. It has 5 health and flies around the battlefield. It has a primary attack that acts like a machine gun and an airstrike called "Corn Strike".
  • Tallnut Battlement - This puts down a group of Tallnuts that acts as a barrier. It blocks paths and only goes away when zombies destroy it.

By using these abilities together, you can completely stops zombies in their tracks.

  • Potato Mine is amazing for killing zombies in Gardens and Graveyards.
    • Putting them near portals or around the garden is sure to get any zombie that isn't paying attention.
    • It is also good to put them near you so if zombies get to close, you can escape and blow them up in the process.
  • Garlic Drone is absolutely devastating to groups of zombies, especially in Gardens and Graveyards.
    • It doesn't have much health, so be sure to keep moving.]
    • Set a Corn Strike on the garden, spawn point, or portal to get a bunch of kills.
  • Tallnut Battlement has many uses. It can shield, or hide mines.
    • Placing these in the right areas can completely stop progress for a short time in Gardens and Graveyards.
    • You can also place them in front of mines to hide the fact that there are mines. This is great for surprising the enemy and blowing up more zombies.

Class Matchups - Sticking it to the Zombies


  • Soldiers are usually easy to take out. Your increased range gives you an advantage to kill them before they get too close.
  • Watch out for their ZPG as it can easily kill you.
  • Keep watch on building tops. Soldiers like to Rocket Jump and pick off enemies from high ground.


  • Engineers are biggest competition to Cacti. They have drones that do the same things as the garlic drone.
  • Their portals in gardens and Graveyards pulls the momentum in their favor, so always look out for them. A well placed corn strike will make them useless.
  • Shoot any drones out of the sky immediately. They have airstrikes as well that will destroy a team.


  • Scientists usually pose the smallest threat because of their close ranged shotguns.
  • They are healers though and revive zombies very quickly, so take them out when you see them.


  • All-Stars are tough when left unchecked. They have a lot of health and can tackle plants to deal a lot of damage.
  • They also have shields and they take longer to destroy.
  • Potato Mines are a good way to take them out if they get too close.

This concludes my overview of the Cactus class. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments!

If you're looking for more tips and guides on Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, go to my Master Guide List.

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Published Mar. 19th 2014

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