Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Scientist Ability Customization Guide

Want to learn about the new Scientist abilities? Then, check out this guide and become an even better healer!

The master healer for the zombie team in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, the Scientist, just got even more heals. They have always been a great support and attack class, now their survivability is better as well.

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Scientists combine healing, teleporting, and close-range shotgun blasts to make them a difficult enemy to beat. Most people know by know that when you see a scientist, you keep your distance, and hope they don’t get close to you. This is very different from the plants healer, the Sunflower, and shows just how unique each character in this game is.

I’ll go over each new ability for the Scientist, differences between the old and new versions, best times to use each, and combat tips for each new ability. If you would rather learn the basics of the Scientist first, then check out my Scientist guide. My Scientist Variants guide will tell you everything you need to know about each variant if you’re wondering about that.

For anything else related to Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, go to the Master Guide List.

This guide will cover everything about the alternate abilities for Scientist including:

  • Scientist Alternate Abilities – What they are and what they do.
  • Ability Differences – How the new abilities compare to the old ones.
  • Ability Tips – When to use each version of the abilities and combat tips.

Scientist Alternate Abilities

The normal abilities for the Scientist are: Sticky Explody Bomb, Warp, and Zombie Heal Station. The alternate abilities are: Mega Heal Bomb, Energy Warp, and Armored Heal Station.

Mega Heal Bomb

The Mega Heal Bomb replaces the Sticky Explody Bomb, taking away a little offense and adding more healing support. The Mega Heal Bomb is a giant bomb, that rolls around, and explodes to heal teammates. The healing from this is very high.

Ability Tips

  • The Mega Heal Bomb is great for burst healing. Roll it into a garden in Gardens and Graveyards, or into a groups of teammates, to get a big heal and keep your allies alive.
  • Combining this with the Zombie Heal Station will offer a lot of healing to your team and greatly increase the odds of winning.
  • Use this when you don’t want the extra damage from the Sticky Explody Bomb, or you need more healing than the healing station can give you.
  • Be careful because plants can roll it to. You don’t want the enemy moving your heal bomb out of range of the rest of your team.


Energy Warp

The Energy Warp turns you into pure energy and lets you travel around for a limited time. It can only be used once before cooldown, unlike twice for the normal Warp, but you won’t take damage while using energy Warp. The amount of time spent in energy warp is also rather long and can go the distance of two normal Warps.

Ability Tips

  • This is the best safety mechanism for the Scientist, or any character for that matter.
  • The normal warp activates faster than the Energy Warp, so if you need to escape things quickly, use the normal Warp.
  • The Energy Warp is great for destroying Potato Mines. Go into a garden, then use the energy warp and circle it until all mines are gone.
  • This is also helpful for capturing gardens. While in Energy Warp, nobody can hurt you, so you can get the extra push needed to take the garden.


Armored Heal Station

The Armored Heal station is much harder to destroy than the Zombie Heal Station, but doesn’t heal as fast. It also explodes after a while. I haven’t seen anything happen when it explodes though. It doesn’t do damage to the zombies and I don’t think it hurts the plants.

Ability Tips

  • When you need a steady stream of healing, and don’t want the station destroyed quickly, use the Armored Heal Station.
  • The normal version is better if you need quicker heals, or know that the station is safe.
  • The armored version is best used at an objective point because plants are more likely to destroy a station during this time.

That wraps up the Scientist ability guide. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments! For other tips, check out the Master Guide List.

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