Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Scientist Guide

Keep your Zombie friends alive with this detailed Scientist Guide!

Scientists are the healers for the Zombie team in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. They also pack a powerful shotgun and sticky grenades. Their healing may be stationary, but it heals faster than sunflowers.

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Whether you want to keep your team alive or vanquish a lot of Plants, the Scientist is for you. Scientists are key to winning in both Gardens and Graveyards and Team Vanquish.

They revive quicker than other Zombies and can keep other zoms alive. Their healing stations are great when your team is holding a spot, such as in Gardens and Graveyards. Here are the Scientist basics and class match-ups.

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This guide will cover everything about the Scientist including:

  • Basic Combat Tips – Things that give you an edge in battle.
  • Class Abilities – Each ability for Scientist, and what they do.
  • Class Matchups – What to do against each Plant.

Basic Combat Tips – For Science!

Even though Scientists heal, they love to get close to the enemy to do a lot of damage. You see any enemy you need to kill? Warp behind them and blast them with the shotgun. Their abilities are: Sticky Explody Ball, Warp, and Zombie Heal Station.

  • Sticky Explody Ball – This ability throws a grenade that sticks to objects, plants, or zombies. It only explodes near plants through.
  • Warp – This teleports the Scientist forward a short distance in the direction you are facing.
  • Zombie Heal Station – This ability is the only heal for the Scientist. It places a station on the ground that heals nearby Zombies with a strange purple substance.

The Scientist can use these abilities for offense or defense.

  • The Sticky Explody Ball is a decent damage dealer and does area damage. The only problem is that its tough to aim. 
    • It’s best to use up close to plants and aim down further than you think you have to.
    • It can also be used as a proximity mine, blowing up when plants get near. When playing Gardens and Graveyards, try throwing them in the garden to get some extra damage during a fight.
  • Warp is the best thing to use while on offense, or evading Plants.
    • When you see a Plant attacking you, use the Warp to manuever around them and kill them with the close range shotgun.
    • This is great for escaping Chompers as well. If you see a Chomper burrowing in your direction, just Warp past them to safety.
    • Use Warp when you’re in danger, such as escaping a Peashooter’s Chili Bean Bomb.
  • Zombie Heal Station is crucial to leading your team to victory.
    • Place these in the garden when capturing in Gardens and Graveyards. This should keep your team a live a little longer to get the capture.
    • Be a little selfish if you need to! After taking down a Plant, or taking a lot of damage, deploy the heal station in a safe spot and recover all your health.
    • If your team is in a tough spot and can’t advance, put down a heal station to keep them in the fight.

Class Matchups – The Doctor is in

  • Peashooters are pretty easy when using Warp. A couple of shots from the shotgun after a Warp will some this problem.
  • Watch out for Peashooters on rooftops. Stay out of sight when you see them if you can’t reach them.
  • Chompers are the toughest to kill. You are both close range, but your shotgun has a longer range than their attacks.
  • Shoot them a few times from a distance, then get closer for the kill.
  • Warp when you see them burrow near you.
  • Sunflowers go down the quickest. Just don’t let them attack you for long.
  • When fighting a rooted Sunflower, warp behind them and blast them before they can to react.
  • Cacti are deadly at long-range, so close the gap with Warp.
  • Watch out for their Potato Mines, shoot them so nobody steps on them.
  • Their drones are a pain so blast them out of the sky immediately.

The Scientist guide is at an end. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments!

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