Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Solar Flare deck building resource guide

An all-in-one resource for Solar Flare players trying to refine their decks.

An all-in-one resource for Solar Flare players trying to refine their decks.

At the time of writing, there are 10 heroes in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes — and none seem as popular as the brilliant Solar Flare.

Solar Flare is compatible with Kabloom and Solar cards. The Kabloom tribe is best known for its unapologetic and swift offense, while the Solar tribe gives you the speedy Sun accumulation and utility to build a flexible deck for her.

This hero’s big advantage is her Signature Superpower, Sunburn, which grants +1 Sun for the rest of the game. Sunburn is exceedingly powerful with Solar tribe cards, so much so you generally want to play it quickly.

Her defensive options are severely lacking between the two card sets, with Kabloom being an entirely offensive card set and Solar being so focused around Sun accumulation. It’s important to remember Solar cards that get stronger when you have a lot of Sun and Kabloom cards with Anti-Hero.

Most Solar Flare decks will be almost entirely offense-focused, but Power Flower’s healing and synergy with other cards can give some fair survivablity. It’s probably best if you don’t put all your eggs into the offense basket, but if you do you have plenty of choice offensive eggs to pick from.

This guide should be used as a reference for your deck building.

Solar Flare’s card arsenal is here in its full glory to help you plan your decks. All of her compatible cards are listed out along with card combination guidelines (for easier planning) and notable cards out of both tribes. This guide is best used with other deck building resources to come up with an effective gameplan and deck.


Signature Superpower (Only Solar Flare can use this Superpower)

Do 2 damage. You get +1 Sun for the rest of the game.

Compatible Superpowers

Weed Whack
A Zombie gets -2 Strength and -2 Health.

More Spore
Make two 1 Strength and 1 Health Button Mushrooms in random lanes.

Scorched Earth
All Zombies on the Ground get -1 Strength and -1 Health.

Notable card combinations

These combinations are laid out with the most important card bolded and followed by a plus sign (+) with cards the important card will either affect or be affected by. You can look at the card specifics in the tables below this section.

Below each combination briefly explains why these cards are good friends. Always remember card synergy when building a deck.

  • Sergeant Strongberry + Wild Berry, Sour Grapes, Bluesberry, Grapes of Wrath, Berry Blast, Cherry Bomb
    • Sergeant Strongberry grants other Berries and Berry Tricks +2 damage. These Plants and Tricks are Berries.
  • Buff-Shroom + Button Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Shroom for Two, Mushroom Ringleader, Punish-Shroom, Fume-Shroom
    • Buff-Shroom grants +1 Health and +1 Strength to all Mushrooms when played. These Plants are all Mushrooms.
  • Mushroom Ringleader + Pair of Pears, Shroom for Two, Cornucopia, Sunflower, Twin Sunflower,
    • Mushroom Ringleader gets +2 Strength for each other Plant. These Plants either have Team-Up, spawn more Plants, or spawn Plants with Team-Up.
  • Pepper M.D. + Power Flower, 2nd Best Taco of All Time, Venus Flytrap
    • Pepper M.D. gains +2 Strength and +2 Health when a Plant or your Hero are healed. These Plants and Tricks all heal the Hero.
  • Power Flower + Bellflower, Sunflower, Morning Glory, Twin Sunflower, Bloomerang, Briar Rose, Dandy Lion King
    • At the start of a turn Power Flower heals your hero for 1 Health for each Flower on the field. These plants are all Flowers.
  • Mixed Nuts + Sunflower, Twin Sunflower
    • Mixed Nuts gets +2 Strength and +2 Health when played in a lane with a Plant with Team-Up. These Plants all have Team-Up.
  • Magnifying Grass + Sunflower, Twin Sunflower, Metal Petal Sunflower
    • Magnifying Grass gets +1 Strength for each Sun you’ve made the turn it’s played.
  • Sage Sage + Sunflower, Twin Sunflower, Metal Petal Sunflower
    • Sage Sage allows you to draw a card when played if you have made at least 6 Sun this turn. The Sunflowers let you get there sooner.
  • Morning Glory + Sunflower, Twin Sunflower, Metal Petal Sunflower
    • Morning Glory gains +1 Strength and +1 Health when played if you have made at least 6 Sun this turn. The Sunflowers let you get there sooner.
  • Sunburn + Sunflowers + Dandy Lion King
    • Dandy Lion King deals damage to the Zombie Hero equal to half its health when played. Solar Flare can get Dandy Lion King out sooner with this type of combination.

Don’t ignore these cards if you have them!

These cards may not all have synergy on their side like the ones mentioned above, but they are well-worth considering adding to a deck.

Morning Glory – With a cost of only 1 Sun, 2 Strength/2 Health by default, and even better stats when you have more than 6 Sun, two or more of this card can be a real menace to opponents late game if you’re not stacking Sunflowers and early if you are.

Jack O’ Lantern – If you’re lucky and your opponent doesn’t destroy this Plant as soon as it’s out, you’ll basically get a guaranteed 5 damage in on the Zombie Hero between two turns.

Briar Rose – An amazing addition to a Power Flower-oriented Solar Flare deck. There are plenty of Flower-type Plants among the Solar tribe.

Pineclone – This Plant is a great play when you’ve got nothing but weak Plants out on the field, and in a Sun accumulation-oriented deck, you may just have some Sunflowers sitting out there later in a match you don’t need anymore. Pineclone makes them useful once again, turning them all into 3 Strength/4 Health monsters.

Poison Ivy – This Plant may not mesh well with the rest of your deck but if you want a real hero-slicer at a low cost, this isn’t a bad option.

Poison Oak – Like the Poison Ivy but better, the Poison Oak is a little better suited to Solar Flare decks because of its high 6 Sun cost. You can get this bad boy out much earlier than with other heroes, and he is very powerful any time your opponent isn’t able to counter.

Dandy Lion King – It takes away half the Zombie Hero’s health. What more could you ask for? A must-have for any deck if you have it.

Kernel Corn – Another Legendary, Kernel Corn can clear the field in a pinch. Not a must-have like Dandy Lion King but a powerful ally nonetheless, especially if you’ve got Anti-Hero Plants.

Laser Bean – A 6 Sun cost is in no way too high for a 4 Strength Plant with Strikethrough. And with Solar Flare you can get it out even faster.

Three-Headed Chomper – Great for any deck, clears three lanes at the end of a turn if he’s not destroyed. An amazing friend to Anti-Hero cards.

Cherry Bomb (Trick) – A seriously powerful trick that can does some serious damage across its lane and neighboring lanes. There’s no reason not to use this.

Solar Flare’s compatible cards

Below are all the Kabloom and Solar cards currently available in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes that you can use with Solar Flare. There are separate tables for Plants and Tricks.

A card’s rarity is noted next to their name in parenthesis. The more rare a card is, the less likely you are to get it from a pack and the more it costs to craft. The rarities are Common (C), Uncommon (UC) , Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), and Legendary (L).

Solar Plants
Plant Type Special Effects Unique Ability

Bellflower (C)

Sunflower (C)
Flower Team-Up Start of Turn: you get +1 Sun this turn.

Morning Glory (UC)
Flower   When played: This gets +1 Strength and +1 Health if you made at least 6 Sun this turn.

Fume-Shroom (UC)
Mushroom Strikethrough  
Pepper M.D. (C)
Pepper   This gets +2 Strength and +2 Health when a Plant or your Hero is healed.
Sage Sage (UC)
Leafy   When played: If you made at least 6 Sun this turn, draw a card.
Jack O’ Lantern (SR)
Squash Strikethrough When this hurts the Zombie Hero, it gets +1 Strength.
Mixed Nuts (C)
Nut   When played: This gets +2 Strength and +2 Health if there’s a Plant with Team-Up here.

Venus Flytrap (C)
Flytrap   When this does damage, heal your Hero for that much.
Twin Sunflower (SR)
Flower Team-Up Start of Turn: You get +2 Sun this turn.
Flower Strikethrough  
Magnifying Grass (R)
Leafy   When played: This gets +1 Strength for each Sun you made this turn.
Metal Petal Sunflower (UC)
Flower   Start of Turn: You get +1 Sun this turn.
Chomper (SR)
Flytrap   When played: Destroy a Zombie here with 3 Strength or less.

Power Flower (C)
Flower Strikethrough Start of Turn: Heal your Hero for 1 for each Flower.

Briar Rose (SR)
Flower   When a Zombie hurts a Flower, destroy that Zombie.
Laser Bean (R)
Bean Strikethrough  
Smashing Pumpkin (C)

Three-Headed Chomper (L)
Flytrap   End of Turn: Destroy all Zombies here and next door.
Cornucopia (L)
Corn   When played: Make a random Plant in each other lane.


Solar Tricks

Trick Effect
Water Balloons (C)
A Zombie gets -1 Strength and -1 Health. If you made at least 6 Sun this turn, it gets -2 Strength and -2 Health instead.
Whack-a-Zombie (UC)
Destroy a Zombie with 3 Strength or less.

2nd-Best Taco of All Time (R)
Heal 4. Draw a card.
Lawnmower (R)
Destroy a Zombie on the Ground.
Squash (C)
 Destroy a Zombie.


Kabloom Plants
Plant Type Special Effects Unique Ability

Button Mushroom (C)
Poison Mushroom (UC)
Mushroom Anti-Hero 2  

Shroom for Two (C)
Mushroom   Make a 1 Strength/1 Health Puff-Shroom with Team-Up here.
Buff-Shroom (C) Mushroom   When played: All Mushrooms get +1 Health and +1 Strength.
Seedling (C)
 Seed   At the start of next turn: This transforms into a random Plant that costs 6 Sun or less.
Wild Berry (UC)
 Berry   When played: This moves to another random lane.
Mushroom Ringleader (UC)
 Mushroom   When played: This gets +2 Strength for each other Plant.
Poison Ivy (C)
 Leafy Anti-Hero 4  
Punish-Shroom (R)
 Mushroom   When a Mushroom is destroyed, do 2 damage to a random Zombie or Zombie Hero.
Zapricot (C)
Pair of Pears (C)
 Fruit   When played: Make a 2 Health/2 Strength Pear Pal with Team-Up here.

Pineclone (SR)
Pinecone   When played: Transform all Plants into 3 Strengh and 4 Health Pineclones.
Sergeant Strongberry (SR)
 Berry   When another Berry does damage, do 2 extra damage.
Sour Grapes (C)
 Berry   When played: Do 1 damage to each Zombie.
Bluesberry (UC)
 Berry   When played: Do 2 Damage.
Poison Oak (R)
 Tree Anti-Hero 5  
Dandy Lion King (L)
Flower Animal   When played: Damage the Zombie Hero for half their Health.
Grapes of Wrath (SR)
 Berry   When destroyed: Do 6 damage to the Zombie Hero.
Kernel Corn (L)
 Corn   When played: Do 4 damage to each Zombie.


Kabloom Tricks
Trick Effect
Berry Blast (C)
 Do 3 damage.
Berry Angry (C)
 All Plants get +2 Strength.
Petal-Morphosis (R)
 Transform a Plant into a random Plant. Draw a card.
Sizzle (UC)
 Do 5 damage to a Zombie.
Cherry Bomb (R)
 Do 4 damage to each Zombie here and next door.


If you enjoyed this guide and would like to see other heroes given the same treatment, worry not! Every Plant hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is getting the same treatment. As a matter of fact, here are the links to a few. The others are in progress!

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