Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Spudow deck building resource guide

An all-in-one resource for Spudow players trying to refine their decks.

An all-in-one resource for Spudow players trying to refine their decks.

There are currently 10 Plant heroes available in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and Spudow is one of the first options you get. Though he is one of the least popular heroes, his arsenal is nothing to scoff at.

Spudow is compatible with both Guardian and Kabloom cards. This gives him a very functional combination of offense and defense, but not a particularly flexible playstyle.

Like Wall-Knight, Spudow can built competent Nut-oriented teams but lacks the Sun accumulation of the former. Instead Spudow is more of a mix of offense and defense, packing a healthy dose of defensive Nuts, Anti-Hero cards, and damaging Tricks between Guardian and Kaboom.

A good deck using this hero should make use of the amount of Team-Up Nut cards in the Guardian tribe to protect the more offense-oriented Kabloom tribe cards. Finding a workable mix of the two will be your biggest hurdle in making a good Spudow deck.

Spudow’s decks will always have Nuts as their bread and butter. A good deck will feature either Nuts and Mushrooms or Nuts and Berries, making good use of those defensive Nuts.


Signature Superpower (Only Spudow can use this Superpower)

Tater Toss
Spawn a 1 Health Hot Potato that deals 6 damage to a Zombie in its lane when destroyed.

Compatible Superpowers

Bubble Up
Move a Plant. It gets +3 Health.

Storm Front
All Plants get +1 Strength and +1 Health.

Meteor Strike
Do 3 damage to a Zombie.

Notable card combinations

These combinations are laid out with the most important card bolded and followed by a plus sign (+) with cards the important card will either affect or be affected by. You can look at the card specifics in the tables below this section.

Below each combination briefly explains why these cards are good friends. Always remember card synergy when building a deck.

  • Spineapple + Wall-Nut, Mirror-Nut, Prickly-Pear, Poppin’ Poppies, Water Chestnut
    • Spineapple gives +2 Strength to Plants with no Strength when played. These Plants have no Strength or spawn Plants with no Strength.
  • Spineapple + Hibernating Beary + Sergeant Strongberry
    • Spineapple gives Plants with no Strength +2 when played. Play Hibernating Beary first, then Spineapple to give the Beary a head start. Then Sergeant Strongberry and have a good laugh at the Beary’s amazing growing damage.
  • Sergeant Strongberry + Wild Berry, Sour Grapes, Bluesberry, Grapes of Wrath, Hibernating Bear, Berry Blast, Cherry Bomb
    • Sergeant Strongberry grants other Berries and Berry Tricks +2 damage. These Plants and Tricks are Berries.
  • Smackadamia + Small-Nut, Wall-Nut, Mirror-Nut, Water Chestnut, Jugger-Nut, Pea-Nut, Pismashio
    • Smackadamia gives all Nuts +2 Health when played. These are all Nuts.
  • Buff-Shroom + Button Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Shroom for Two, Mushroom Ringleader, Punish-Shroom, Sea-Shroom
    • Buff-Shroom grants +1 Health and +1 Strength to all Mushrooms when played. These Plants are all Mushrooms.
  • Mushroom Ringleader + Pair of Pears, Shroom for Two, Poppin’ Poppies, Wall-Nut, Mirror-Nut, Water Chestnut, Potato Mine, Pea-Nut
    • Mushroom Ringleader gets +2 Strength for each other Plant. These Plants either have Team-Up or spawn more Plants with Team-Up.
  • Mirror-Nut + Wall-Nut, Water Chestnut, Small-Nut, Jugger-Nut, Pea-Nut, Pismashio
    • Mirror-Nut does 2 damage to the Zombie Hero when any of your Nuts are hurt. These Plants are all Nuts.

Don’t ignore these cards if you have them!

These cards may not all have synergy on their side like the ones mentioned above, but they are notable and worth considering adding to your decks.

Pismashio – This Plant may be dull but a 2 Strength/3 Health Plant for 2 Sun isn’t a bad deal. Consider this card for early game, especially if you’re going the Smackadamia route.

Tough Beets – A great lategame card, especially with Spudow and his array of cards with Team-Up. Play him only when every other lane is stacked for the best results.

Steel Magnolia – This baby not only grants itself and whatever Plant is in its lane +2 Health, it grants +2 Health to every plant next door. A great card for decks heavy in Team-Up cards.

Wall-Nut Bowling – (Trick) Absolutely amazing offensive Trick that does 6 damage to each Ground lane. A late game monster with the ability to dent or outright kill almost anything the Zombie Hero can throw at you.

Grave Buster – (Trick) The big benefit of Zombies with the Gravestone ability for a Zombie Hero player is that you, the Plant Hero player, can’t see what is in the grave before the battle phase starts. The Grave Buster wipes those pesky Gravestones out before they turn into a problem.

Poison Mushroom – A very cheap (1 Sun) cost card with Anti-Hero 2. If played at the right time this little guy is an affordable 3 damage to the Zombie Hero.

Guacodile – It may not have the synergy some of your other cards have, but its stats are solid for a 4 Sun card and the fact it does 4 damage to a Zombie in the lane its in when it dies can be a huge boon against especially powerful zombies.

Poison Ivy – This Plant may not mesh well with your deck’s overall synergy but if you want a real hero-slicer at a low cost, this isn’t a bad option.

Poison Oak – Like the Poison Ivy but better. Solar Flare is able to use Poison Oak more effectively since she is able to gain more Sun per turn, but this is still a powerful lategame card for Spudow.

Dandy Lion King – It takes away half the Zombie Hero’s health. If you have it, you should be using it.

Tough Beets – A great lategame card, especially with Spudow and his array of cards with Team-Up. Play him only when every other lane is stacked for the best results.

Soul Patch – Another amazing card, this time effectively keeping your hero alive. If you have one, use it.

Grapes of Wrath – Much like Guacodile above but with a more direct punch, Grapes of Wrath will make the Zombie Hero wish it didn’t take it out. 6 damage to the Zombie Hero on its destruction is no joke.

Kernel Corn – This card’s 5 Strength and 5 Health for 8 Sun may not seem like anything special, but the fact it does 4 damage to each Zombie when played can be a potent full-board clearing method. Not a must-play if you have it unless you’re lacking endgame offense.

Cherry Bomb (Trick) – A seriously powerful trick that can does some serious damage across its lane and neighboring lanes. There’s no reason not to use this.

Compatible cards

Below are all the Guardian and Kabloom cards currently available in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes that you can use with Spudow. There are separate tables for Plants and Tricks.

A card’s rarity is noted next to their name in parenthesis. The more rare a card is, the less likely you are to get it from a pack and the more it costs to craft. The rarities are Common (C), Uncommon (UC) , Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), and Legendary (L).

Guardian Plants
Plant Type Special Effects Unique Ability

Potato Mine (C)
 Root Team-Up When destroyed: Do 2 damage to a Zombie here.
Small-Nut (C)
Sting Bean (C)
Bean Pea Amphibious, Bullseye  
Wall-Nut (C)
 Nut Team-Up  
Cactus (C)
 Cactus  Bullseye  
Jugger-Nut (R)
 Nut Armored 1, Bullseye  
Pismashio (C)
Sea-Shroom (UC)
Mushroom Amphibious  
Water Chestnut (UC)
 Root Nut Amphibious, Team-Up  

Hibernating Beary (R)
Berry Animal   When hurt: This gets +4 Strength.

Pea-Nut (C)
Pea Nut  Team-Up  
Spineapple (C)
Fruit   When played: Plants with no Strength get +2 Strength.
Steel Magnolia (UC)
Flower   When played: Plants here and next door get +2 Health.
Guacodile (UC)
Fruit Animal   When destroyed: Do 4 damage to a Zombie here.
Mirror-Nut (SR)
Nut   When your Nuts get hurt, Do 2 damage to the Zombie Hero.
Prickly-Pear (R)
Cactus Fruit   When hurt: Do 4 damage to a Zombie here.
Smackadamia (C)
 Nut   When played: Your Nuts get +2 Health.
Tough Beets (R)
 Root  Armored 1 When played: This gets +1 Health for each Plant and Zombie.

Poppin’ Poppies (SR)
 Flower   When played: Make 1-Health Lil’ Buddies with Team-Up here and next door.

Soul Patch (L)
 Vine  Armored 1 If your Hero would get hurt, this gets hurt instead.


Guardian tricks
Trick Effect

Gardening Gloves (C)
 Move a Plant. Draw a card.

Grave Buster (UC)
 Destroy a Gravestone.

Wall-Nut Bowling (L)
Make a 6 Health Wall-Nut with Team-Up in each Ground land. Attack for 6 damage in those lanes.

Doom-Shroom (SR)
 Destroys all Plants and Zombies with 4 Strength or more.


Kabloom Plants
Plant Type Special Effects Unique Ability

Button Mushroom (C)
Poison Mushroom (UC)
Mushroom Anti-Hero 2  

Shroom for Two (C)
Mushroom   Make a 1 Strength/1 Health Puff-Shroom with Team-Up here.
Buff-Shroom (C) Mushroom   When played: All Mushrooms get +1 Health and +1 Strength.
Seedling (C)
 Seed   At the start of next turn: This transforms into a random Plant that costs 6 Sun or less.
Wild Berry (UC)
 Berry   When played: This moves to another random lane.
Mushroom Ringleader (UC)
 Mushroom   When played: This gets +2 Strength for each other Plant.
Poison Ivy (C)
 Leafy Anti-Hero 4  
Punish-Shroom (R)
 Mushroom   When a Mushroom is destroyed, do 2 damage to a random Zombie or Zombie Hero.
Zapricot (C)
Pair of Pears (C)
 Fruit   When played: Make a 2 Health/2 Strength Pear Pal with Team-Up here.

Pineclone (SR)
Pinecone   When played: Transform all Plants into 3 Strengh and 4 Health Pineclones.
Sergeant Strongberry (SR)
 Berry   When another Berry does damage, do 2 extra damage.
Sour Grapes (C)
 Berry   When played: Do 1 damage to each Zombie.
Bluesberry (UC)
 Berry   When played: Do 2 Damage.
Poison Oak (R)
 Tree Anti-Hero 5  
Dandy Lion King (L)
Flower Animal   When played: Damage the Zombie Hero for half their Health.
Grapes of Wrath (SR)
 Berry   When destroyed: Do 6 damage to the Zombie Hero.
Kernel Corn (L)
 Corn   When played: Do 4 damage to each Zombie.


Kabloom tricks
Trick Effect
Berry Blast (C)
 Do 3 damage.
Berry Angry (C)
 All Plants get +2 Strength.
Petal-Morphosis (R)
 Transform a Plant into a random Plant. Draw a card.
Sizzle (UC)
 Do 5 damage to a Zombie.
Cherry Bomb (R)
 Do 4 damage to each Zombie here and next door.


And that’s about all there is to say about the tricky Spudow’s card arsenal! Hopefully this guide helps you on your way to building a more effective team for him and climbing the ranks with it.

If you enjoyed this guide and would like to see other heroes given the same treatment, worry not! Every Plant hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is getting the same treatment. As a matter of fact, here are the links to a few. The others are in progress!

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