Play Dark Souls II On Extra Hard Mode With A Rock Band Guitar

gbbearzly does it again with Darklurker from Dark Souls 2 on a Guitar Hero controller.
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Have you ever played a game that was so difficult that you wanted to find a way to make it even more difficult? Because hitting your head against a wall isn’t enough, YouTuber gbbearzly has done it again with Dark Souls II boss, Darklurker.

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How does he do it?

I can’t tell you how he is capable of defeating opponents with a guitar while most are still dying with the old-fashioned controller, but controls on the guitar have to be pretty simple, right? The big frets near the head of the guitar act as the main four X,Y,B, and A buttons from the regular Xbox 360 controller. The fifth major fret acts as the R3 button. The small fret buttons act as Parry buttons when combined with their matching big fret button.

The Dpad is near the bottom of the guitar, but why would you use that when rocking the guitar and whammy bar would make movement the most difficult? In order to move his character along the X-axis (right and left) you have to tilt the guitar up. This really only moves the character in one direction. You’ll have to combine the one direction you can turn the camera with movement in order to move right and left. What is normally the pick-up control on a real guitar allows you to only turn the camera to the left. The whammy bar controls the Y-axis movement. Thankfully, you can get the full range of movement there. has provided a handy visual guide to show you how the guitar controls work compared to the original controller. The videos also have a handy guide in the top right showing you how the game reads his guitar moves. Check out gbbearzly’s run through the first Dark Souls if you want to see someone torture themselves. 

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