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5 tips to keep your hard earned money in your pocket while playing Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff.

TinyCo and Fox Digital Entertainment recently released the mobile city builder, Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. It’s no surprise that, with the Family Guy brand, the game has had immense success.

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However, while you spend countless hours repairing Quahog in your “quest for stuff,” the game will be relentlessly questing for your money. While you attempt to find ways around succumbing to paying for your success, your quest log and notifications will be bombarded with these easy ways out.

Offering to skip timers and buying in-game currency are just a few ways TinyCo will break your bank. On the other hand, there are ways to get ahead in the game while holding on to your hard-earned cash.

1. Be Social And Connect With Your Friends

You may notice that the game gives you the option to connect your Facebook and Google+. Once you hook the game up to your social networks, you’ll have access to your friends’ versions of Quahog.

Much like the old favorite, Farmville, you’ll be able to collect coins and other forms of currency from your friends’ buildings and characters, giving you extra forms of income. 

2. Save Long Tasks For When You’re Closing The App

If visiting your friends’ farms, checking the character’s FaceSpace, and browsing your own farm isn’t enough to fill the 6-8 hour gap some of the longer tasks can take, saving these tedious tasks for last could be a time-saving idea. 

Wait until you know you’re about to close the app to begin the longest tasks, and you’ll save yourself a lot of staring and boredom. 

3. Save Your Clams For When You Need Them

Although it might be tempting to use your clam to speed up tasks, don’t do it! These clams can be used for far better offers later on in the game, and you’ll be glad you saved them.

For example, you’ll need more workers as your city begins to grow. By saving all your clams from the beginning, you’ll have enough to progress through the game without having to buy more.

4. Make Sure Each Character Is Performing A Task When You Close The App

To optimize your city’s construction, you could take tip #2 a bit further.

In addition to leaving the longest tasks for last, making sure each character is performing any task at all will leave you a lot better off next time you open the app. 

5. Build Your City To Earn Coins and XP

However tempting it may be to build multiple stripper poles and decorative gardens, it’s much more beneficial to construct buildings that will earn you coins and experience. 

These buildings will be constantly earning you experience for your characters, as well as in-game currency, and will make it that much easier to decrease your desire to spend your real money. 

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