Learn about some of the best weapons that are currently available in PUBG.

Learn about some of the best weapons that are currently available in PUBG.

You won’t survive a second in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, the latest standalone Battle Royale game on Steam, if you don’t have a decent weapon in your hands. But you need more than one — for all kinds of situations.

This guide will provide you with the best weapons you can find in the game, and give you tips on how to use them properly.



  • Ammo: 5.56 mm
  • Default magazine: 30 rd
  • Extended magazine: 40 rd

The M16A4 assault rifle has the highest rate of fire in the game. It is the fourth generation of the M16 rifles, with a rail for mounting optics and other attachments. It also comes with a selective fire feature, meaning that you can switch between semi and full automatic modes.

Use it for short but precise bursts of fire in midrange and close combat. It is preferable to find an extended magazine, as the fire rate will empty your ammo capacity instantly.



  • Ammo: 7.62 mm
  • Default magazine: 30 rd
  • Extended magazine: 40 rd

AKM stands for “Kalashnikov modernized automatic rifle” in the Russian abbreviation. It’s a bit slower than the M16, but it is more powerful and better suited for long range combat. The AKM’s bullet can easily reach and kill your target at 300-400 meter distance.

However, the dispersion with this weapon is huge, so it would be wise to use AKM along with the compensator — as it will drastically increase the precision of each shot.




  • Ammo: 7.62 mm
  • Default magazine: 5 rd
  • Extended magazine: 7 rd

This Remington sniper rifle, also known as the SWS, is a solid choice for any sniper in the game.

It can be acquired only from the airdrop crates, and can be used for high-accuracy, long-range shots — especially with the help of a detachable telescopic sight.


  • Ammo: .300 magnum (7.62×67 mm)
  • Default magazine: 5 rd
  • Extended magazine: 10 rd

AWM stands for Arctic Warfare Magnum, and it is the most powerful sniper rifle in the game. The penetration on this thing is so strong that it can easily deal with enemies inside the vehicles.

The special type of ammo used in this rifle offers a significant increase in muzzle velocity, which is great for long-distance shooting.



Tommy Gun

  • Ammo: .45 ACP
  • Default magazine: 100 rd
  • Extended magazine: N/A

This classic Thompson submachine gun, also known as The Chicago Typewriter, has the highest rate of fire of any SMG/LMG in the game — although it’s not as impactful in terms of damage.

But a huge magazine provides more than enough bullets for turning other players into pin cushions.


  • Ammo: 5.56mm
  • Default magazine: 100 rd
  • Extended magazine: N/A

This beast of an LMG is gas-operated and air-cooled. This allows the M249 to have both high rate of fire and solid damage. It’s great for piercing through enemy vehicles and wooden shacks — really anything that’s standing in the way of you mowing down your opponents.

It doesn’t excel at anything specifically, but instead does a little bit of everything very well. 




  • Ammo: 12 gauge
  • Shells: 5

The Winchester Model 1897 is your best friend in close combat. It has high damage, and can kill an armored enemy in a single shot.

You can use it in midrange combat to a certain extent, but beware of the spread. If you manage to find a choke point, then it is possible to sustain some of it for better precision.


  • Ammo: 12 gauge
  • Shells: 5-8

The Saiga-12, or SASG-12, semi-automatic shotgun is a slightly faster weapon than the classical Winchester — but it has the same power and is deadly for anyone who dares to enter your territory.

This weapon can also be modified with suppressors and scopes, should you decide to use it for the aerial control.




  • Ammo: 9 mm
  • Default magazine: 15 rd
  • Extended magazine: 20 rd

This semi-automatic pistol provides the highest rate of fire. And with the help of a simple silencer, it can be a perfect choice for raiding enemies inside of buildings.

Since it’s not very accurate, you need to aim straight at the head. If you can keep steady and make consistent headshots, you can take out up to three other players with just one magazine.


  • Ammo: 7.62 mm
  • Default magazine: 7 rd
  • Extended magazine: N/A

If you don’t care much about the fire rate or accuracy, and all you want is to have high damage, then this revolver will serve you well.

Due to its dimensions it can also fire .32S&W and .32H&R magnum cartridges.


These are the best weapons you can get in the current build of PUBG. But the upcoming updates will add more weapons to the roster, so expect something even better in the future.

What are your weapons of choice in this battle royale? Let me know down in the comments!

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