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Having trouble winning against more experienced trainers? We show you the tips and tricks for dominating in multiplayer!

Pocket Mortys Multiplayer Combat Survival Guide

Having trouble winning against more experienced trainers? We show you the tips and tricks for dominating in multiplayer!
This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

Just in time for the highly-anticipated Rick And Morty Season 3 (now confirmed for July 30!), a multiplayer mode is finally available for Pocket Mortys.

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While the experience is a little glitchy still — I get disconnected anytime I try to choose the “Your Mortys” menu and the update wiped my campaign data — overall, this MMORPG-lite version of Pocket Mortys is exactly what fans have been demanding.

If you want to know how to get started in multiplayer mode or which dimensions have which new Mortys available, head over to our beginner’s guide here. Once you’ve got the basics down, now its time for the goods: how do you come out the victor in those multiplayer battles against other trainers?

          Welcome to the bizarre level 1 dimension that is Mortyland!

Morty Leveling And Evolution

There’s one big change you should immediately notice — you are no longer required to have base untyped Mortys in your group! Yep, you can fill your whole five-Morty party with rock, paper, and scissors types instead.

That’s not the only change, though, as you now have player level and evolution system changes.

Pocket Mortys Player Level Changes

When you raise your player level (by winning multiplayer battles), the level of the wild Mortys in the area goes up as well, which can make it harder to capture new Mortys.

It’s not always a good idea to win mulitplayer matches until you’ve acquired a full stable of Mortys and leveled them slightly by fighting wild Mortys in your current dimension.

Pocket Mortys Evolution System Changes

Evolution works a bit differently here as well, and you can’t just get high level, fully evolved Mortys by mixing two of the same type together anymore. Instead, the Morty Daycare features a “blender” that raises Evolution Points until a Morty actually evolves to the next stage — usually four Mortys of the same type are required.

      Sacrificing a poor Strawberry Morty to the blender

Winning Pocket Mortys Mutliplayer Fights

The focus of combat strongly shifts in multiplayer when playing against live players versus playing against the trainer AI in campaign mode. Healing items, cures for poison and paralysis, and attribute mega seeds are all much more important in multiplayer than in the campaign.

Besides the obvious bonus of using serum in tense battles against live players, there’s an important reason to stay healed up. In the campaign mode you could just lose any battle you wanted and return to the healing center for free, but now there’s a penalty for doing so.

Every battle you win increases an experience point multiplier — the more you win, the quicker you level. That multiplier resets when you visit the healing center (including when you fully lose a battle and all your Mortys are dazed), so you need to regularly spend your Flurbos on serum and plutonic rocks.

This means you’re going to have less of a stockpile of cash than normal. More Flurbos can be acquired by watching ads, but there are other ways. Loot crates randomly spawn across each dimension’s map, so keep walking back and forth and more will appear.

          So don’t start losing battles, Sleep Garry!

Besides healing items, using defense, speed, and attack mega seeds can be a game changer since you want any advantage over another trainer who may have Mortys of the same level (or higher). If you choose to keep your base Morty for an untyped advantage, they are especially useful on him, since he can’t evolve into a new form.

When picking Mortys for your deck, speed becomes an important attribute — even more so than health — since you want your attack to go off first. In the reverse of the main game mode, buffs and debuffs can actually be useful — especially if you are using healing items during battle. Hurting an enemy Morty’s speed and accuracy can totally mess up the other trainer’s strategy.

As always, swap your Mortys for the type advantage mid-fight when you have the health to spare (paper versus rock, rock versus scissors, scissors versus paper). If you don’t have the upper hand on speed and type, wait until a Morty is nearly dazed, then use a super serum and watch your opponent cry sweet tears of anguish.

     Some trainers duking it out in Mortyland


Newly added with the multiplayer update, Challenges in Pocket Mortys offer another way to get a steady influx of Flurbos to spend.

Since you’ll be spending way more than in the campaign, completing these daily tasks can be crucial. Each task resets a set amount of time after it is completed (rather than resetting each morning), and the current Challenge lineup consists of:

  • Master Craftsperson — craft 5 items
  • Morty Catcher — catch 3 wild Mortys
  • Giver of Mortys — donate 2 Mortys to friends
  • Master Trainer — gain 3 Morty Levels
  • Hoarder — pick up 5 crates
  • Scholar — gain 3 player levels
  • Extrovert — make 3 friendships
  • Frenemy — complete 3 friend battles
  • Brawler — complete 10 trainer battles
  • Streaker — win 30 trainer battles

That’s all the basics you need to know to dominate in Pocket Mortys multiplayer mode — see you in Mortyland and beyond for a fight or two!

And if you’re looking for more Pocket Mortys tips and strategies, make sure to check out our Pocket Mortys guides! Here are a few to get you started:

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