Pocket Mortys: The Absolute Best and Most Powerful Mortys

Want the best possible lineup of all four types? We show you which Mortys you should be snagging in the wild.

Want the best possible lineup of all four types? We show you which Mortys you should be snagging in the wild.

With 198 different Mortys currently available as Season 3 of Rick And Morty gets started, there’s now more choices than the average trainer has time to go through while trying to put together the best deck they can in Pocket Mortys.

If you want the absolute best lineup of all four types of Mortys without a lot of trial and error, below we cover the best and strongest entries in each category.

How are we determining the best? We’re comparing stats, skill distribution (weighted heavily towards Mortys with more attack skills than buff/debuff skills), base skill hit chance, and rarity. Some Mortys might have slightly more powerful attacks — but if you rarely come across them, they have lower hit percentage chance, or have mostly buff skills, we’re passing them over in favor of more immediately useful Mortys. 

The Best Untyped Mortys in Pocket Mortys

In addition to the two untyped Mortys listed below, the new female Morticia added in Pocket Mortys’ multiplayer mode is also a killer untyped option — but that one is a rare find. 

Base Morty

In campaign mode, you’re stuck with your base Morty taking up a slot of any given Morty Deck — so you want him at his best. Although Base Morty doesn’t counter any other type, he also won’t ever be countered or deal less damage due to a contrary type. And all of his attacks have extremely high accuracy.

His best attacks to assign are Swing, Rush, Fierce Lunge, and Unleash, which all have a 95% base hit chance and scale up in power from 90 to 140. The only downside to Unleash is its low AP: you get a measly 5 attacks before having to use an AP recovery item.

In the campaign, you should pump your Mega Seeds into your base Morty if you aren’t saving them to craft Level Up Seeds. Since he never evolves, putting as many Mega Seeds into him as possible is your main method of improving his stats. With enough Attack and Speed Seeds, your base Morty will be able to one-shot most enemies. 

Cronenberg Morty

It may take a while to put together and isn’t the most exciting lineup in terms of options, but one of the best builds in the entire game is 1 base Morty + 4 Cronenberg Mortys.

With all untyped Mortys you won’t ever take tons of damage from a bad type match up — and just like the base Morty, Cronenbergs have high accuracy attacks that deal loads of damage. 

In some ways, Cronenberg even outclasses base Morty, since his most powerful attacks have 8 AP rather than 5. Set his attack lineup with Swing, Mutate, Mangle, and whatever buff you prefer. With a few Attack Mega Seeds, he’ll be one-shotting enemies just like your base Morty.

The Best Paper Mortys in Pocket Mortys

Three Eye Morty

After evolving a No Eye Morty to a One Eye Morty (wait, what?) you can finally put two of those together to get the nonsensical Three Eye Morty.

The main draw here is that Three Eye Morty can learn three separate high damage, high accuracy attacks: Erase (base power 70), Death Stare (base power 95), and Piercing Stare (base power 108). 

There are Paper Mortys with attacks of higher power (like Triple Denim Morty for instance), but they all have fewer total attack skills and usually at lower hit percentages. These include:

  • Off The Grid Morty: Made by evolving from Peace To Hippie Morty this paper type is a good substitute, although his base Hug attack is less powerful than Erase.
  • Rainbow Shirt Morty: Also among the best paper has to offer, as he has multiple high accuracy attacks, and will be at high level if you are making him through evolution (rather than finding him in the wild), since it takes five different evolution stages to reach the Rainbow Shirt.
  • Rick Morty: Evolved from Summer Morty to Jerry Morty to Beth Morty to finally Rick Morty, this paper Morty is another strong contender, as his most powerful attack both does damage and has a 50% chance to paralyze. 

The Best Rock Mortys in Pocket Mortys

Everybody thinks the best rock type will be The One True Morty, but it’s absolutely not. His base Condition attack doesn’t deal that much damage, and his more powerful Ascend and Golden Touch skills have low amounts of AP. If you have all three abilities at once he can be a powerhouse, but overall there are better rock Mortys available that don’t take nearly as much effort to acquire.

Reverse Mermaid Morty

As odd as it sounds, easily one of the most useful rock types is Reverse Mermaid Morty. His Drop Out skill does decent damage for a basic attack, while Crush and Hydro Blast significantly up the damage output later on.  He also has the untyped Bunt and Rush attacks, so you aren’t stuck dealing only Rock damage in all situations.

For other strong rock contenders that have great stats and skill distribution, you can opt for these Mortys: 

  • Mutant Flu Morty
  • Exoskeleton Morty (acquired through the Morty Games)
  • Wrestler Morty

The Best Scissors Mortys in Pocket Mortys

This one’s a tough call, because there are a ton of scissors type Mortys with a variety of untyped and scissors attacks with similar power levels. It could all honestly come down to what level you managed to snag one at and whether you’ve been using Mega Seeds. 

Multi Morty

For me, the best all around Scissors type is Multi Morty, made by evolving first from Double Morty to Triple Morty.

He has four separate untyped attacks of scaling power, as well as two strong scissors attacks of high damage: Mind Rage and Mind Meld.

If you haven’t gotten ahold of a Multi Morty yet, other excellent scissors types with similar skills spreads are: 

  • Guard Morty
  • Robot Morty

The vampire Old One Morty is also an interesting choice to consider as well, since he has extremely high powered untyped attacks and an attack with a chance to paralyze the enemy.

Get Even More Out Of Pocket Mortys

There you have it — if you’ve got the correct skills assigned, your best lineup consists of Morty, Cronenberg Morty, Three Eyed Morty, Reverse Mermaid Morty, and Multi Morty. What do you think of our picks, and what’s your preferred Morty Deck look like? Let us know in the comments!

If you’re looking for more tips and strategies, check out our other Pocket Mortys guides! Here are a few to get you started:

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