Pokemon Duel – What Is the “Text Not Found” Error, and Other Issues

Pokemon Duel errors got you down? Me too, buddy. But it's not that bad.

Pokemon Duel errors got you down? Me too, buddy. But it's not that bad.

You’re not alone if you’ve been getting the “Text Not Found” error in Pokemon Duel. With so many people hopping on the game’s fresh servers, there are bound to be issues. And this is the biggest one.

Those of you who played Pokemon Go at release may remember the terrible amount of technical issues with the game around release, almost all of them serverside due to heavy load. This appears to be what’s happening with Pokemon Duel as well, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering Pokemon is one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world.

The “Text Not Found” error indicates a server-side issue and appears to be related to server-side maintenance. There is nothing wrong with your game if you are getting the “Text Not Found” error. There is no fix just yet.

Pokemon Duel had some time to float around the Japanese Google Play and iTunes through last year before we even got Pokemon Go, and this international release has been launched in 64 countries at a time — which means the game’s servers are under some serious load.

Freezing and crashing, oh my!

Another issue that those who gave Pokemon Go within the first few months are the freezes. Like Go, Pokemon Duel freezes occasionally. With the former that meant losing Pokemon you were trying to catch, with the latter it means you either have to wait for the game to unfreeze itself or restart the app.

Many players are also seeing the game fail to launch. Some may argue this is worse than the game freezing, but I disagree — when it freezes, you lose progress. When you can’t launch the game at all, at least you’re not losing anything.

Some players have been reinstalling the game after several failures to load. This seems like a good idea in concept, but the official Twitter recommends players not uninstall the game as their data will be difficult to recover later.

It seems waiting out the issues is the best course of action. Pokemon Duel is out to a rocky start but considering the tenacity and size of the Pokemon fanbase and interested parties, much like Pokemon Go even after the fad ended, Duel will live on even past the initial interest boom. You’ve just got to wait it out.

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