Make up your own dream team of Pokemon in Master League with the help of this tier list to Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO: Best Master League Pokemon Tier List

Make up your own dream team of Pokemon in Master League with the help of this tier list to Pokemon GO.
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The Master League in Pokemon GO is now at full swing, which is a great opportunity for all PvP enthusiasts to show off the skills of their strongest Pokemon. Since there is no cap on CP in Master League, players can use whichever Pokemon they want. Naturally most stick to tier lists like this one, though. Here are the current top picks for the Master League in Pokemon GO.

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S-Tier Pokemon


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  • Type: Psycho
  • Pokedex: 150

High damage and fast speed make Mewtwo the current champion of the Master League in Pokemon GO. Mewtwo’s best moves are: Psycho Cut, which increases the speed of its charged moves, Confusion, which is a perfect solution against shields, and Psystrike, a cheap and powerful attack.

If you need to deal with Melmetal, Dialga, or Zarude, then use Focus Blast, and in case you encounter Giratina, then use Shadow Ball. There’s also plenty of tools against all sorts of Dragon types.


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  • Type: Steel, Dragon
  • Pokedex: 483

Despite all the changes and nerfs, Dialga still remains one of the staple Master League Pokemon in the game. Dialga’s best moves are: Dragon Breath, which is a quick source of Dragon damage, Iron Head, a perfect move against all Fairy types, and Draco Meteor, which can instantly demolish almost any opponent.

Dialga is also the arch-enemy of Togekiss, who needs to seriously protect itself, if it wants to survive this fight. But in general, Dialga is simply a perfect and universal choice.


Image via The Pokemon Company

  • Type: Steel, Fairy
  • Pokedex: 888

Zacian is unpredictable, and often sets a great challenge against other Steel, Dragon, and Dark types. Zacian’s best moves are: Snarl, which is a quick attack with high energy gain, Play Rough, which deals solid damage without any penalties, and Close Combat, a great tool against all Fighting types.

Being a Fairy type, this Pokemon can really stand against a number of opponents due to natural resistances. Currently, there’s only a couple other Pokemon who can stand against Zacian, and that’s Metagross and Giratina.

Pokemon GO Master League: A-Tier Pokemon


Image via The Pokemon Company

  • Type: Ghost, Dragon
  • Pokedex: 487

So many teams these days use Giratina as the main counter against Steel and Ground types. Giratina’s best moves are: Shadow Claw, an excellent tool against Dragon types with huge energy gain, Shadow Ball, the primary charged attack that breaks shields, and Dragon Pulse, which is excellent against Normal and Dark types.

Giratina is a well-rounded choice for almost any team, but it can have trouble with such Pokemon like Snorlax, who can easily evade the Ghost type attacks. But other than that, you’ll be very happy with Giratina.


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  • Type: Flying, Dragon
  • Pokedex: 149

Dragon types are a real boon of Master League, but Dragonite is the ultimate counter to all of them. Dragonite’s best moves include: Dragon Claw, which is its primary attack that is cheap and powerful, Superpower, the main move against all Steel types, and Draco Meteor, the one-shot insta-kill ultimate that everybody wants in their arsenal.

There is only one real weakness in Dragonite and that is Fairy types. That’s why Pokemon like Zacian can easily defeat Dragonite’s fragile defenses during an encounter.


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  • Type: Flying, Psychic
  • Pokedex: 249

Due to an unusal type combo and unlimited CP cap, Lugia is the best choice against large and bulky Pokemon, such as Groudon, Garchomp, and Palkia. Lugia’s best moves would be: Aeroblast, although expensive this move deals an exasperating amount of damage, Dragon Tail, a special move against all Dragon types, and Sky Attack, cheap and effective spammable move.

Lugia also has strong defenses and can withstand powerful blows, but most of its moves are rather expensive, albeit highly effective.

Pokemon GO Master League: B-Tier Pokemon

Landorus (Therian Forme)

Image via The Pokemon Company

  • Type: Flying, Ground
  • Pokedex: 645

If you’re looking for a fast Pokemon with high attack stat, then Therian Landorus is a solid choice. Its finest moves include: Superpower, a fast and strong attack that is a primary weapon against all Steel types, Mud Shot, generates a ton of energy, and Earthquake, an ultimate shield-breaking move, which is also rather expensive.

Therian Landorus moves really fast and can be almost impossible to wall, but if that happens, then it won’t be able to resist too much, as its defenses are on the weaker side.


Image via The Pokemon Company

  • Type: Ground
  • Pokedex: 383

Groudon is a heavy and bulky Pokemon that can easily deal with all Steel types, as well as Neutral types. Its best moves are: Precipice Blades, a primary attack that delivers a massive STAB damage, Mud Shot, generates lots of energy, giving way to other charged attacks, and Dragon Tail, which is designed to deal with Flying types in a powerful manner.

But this Pokemon is actually quite weak to other Ground and Rock types that can simply overpower Groudon in a face-to-face match-up. But other than that, Groudon is a very fine option for Master League.


Image via The Pokemon Company

  • Type: Fire, Flying
  • Pokedex: 250

Many Pokemon GO players consider Ho-Oh one of the most formidable Pokemon in the game, and although it does really well against Fairy, Fighting, and Ground types, it’s not as invincible as one might think. You’ll notice that Ho-Oh actually struggles a lot with shields, and it can’t deflect the attacks of large Pokemon too well either.

Ho-Oh’s best moves include: Brave Bird, cheap and powerful charged attack, Incinerate, another cheap STAB attack and energy generator, and Sacred Fire, the strongest move against Steel types with 50% debuff chance.

These were the best Pokemon for Master League, and for more Pokemon GO guides, check out the list below.

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