Poke Ball freezes keeping you from being the very best, like no one ever was? We might have a solution.

Pokemon GO: How to Fix The Frozen Poke Ball Bug for iOS

Poke Ball freezes keeping you from being the very best, like no one ever was? We might have a solution.
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You’ve managed to make it past the server crashes and infinite loading screens in Pokemon GO. And you’re trying your best to catch ’em all when you discover yet another bug that’s coming between you and the Pokemon mastery you’re destined for. 

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When you finally find that Onyx that you’ve been tracking across the land, you throw a Poke Ball. And it freezes. No shaking, nothing. You’re forced to close the game entirely, forfeiting the Pokemon that you just captured.

This is a frustrating bug to say the least, but aspiring trainers on Reddit have found an iOS-specific workaround that might help you out. 

How to Work Around Poke Ball Freezes on iOS

User sck102 says that it’s possible to prevent freezes by toying with your task bar while you’re catching Pokemon. After the Poke Ball hits the Pokemon and bounces up to start the catching animation, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open the task bar. Let go and count to three, then drop it back down. (This apparently doesn’t work if you don’t let go.)

This is the taskbar you want.

That should keep the freezes from happening. Sck102 says he does this every time he throws a Poke Ball now, and hasn’t had a single crash issue each time he’s done it. To test, he threw a few without swiping up the task bar, and claims that the game crashed as a result. 

Several other users have corroborated this fix, and say that it’s been working consistently for them each time they tried it. 

Let us know if this fix worked for you! And if you need help fixing the Poke Ball freezes on Android, we’ve got you covered.

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