Pokemon GO: How to Get Meteorite

Meteorite is a new item in Pokemon GO. Here's how to get it.

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Meteorite is a new item exclusive released during Pokemon GO Fest 2023. Debuting along with Mega Rayquaza, it’s a necessary item for any Legendary Pokemon collector. Whether you’re attending an event now or strategizing for the future, here’s how to get Meteorite in PoGO.

How to Get Meteorite in Pokemon GO

Since Meteorite is a Pokemon GO Fest item, you’re only able to obtain it by participating in associated events. Just load up the game, and the quest will pop up. You’ll be awarded a single Meteorite for finishing all the tasks and stages, along with other rewards.

  • For ticket holders, you’ll be able to get a Meteorite just for attending. You’ll also be able to grab some by completing Special Research tasks that are given while there.
  • For the rest of us who don’t have tickets, we’ll be able to get our Meteorite by completing Special Research given during the Global event on August 26 and 27.

What is Metorite Used for in Pokemon GO

Rayquaza in the main games requires knowing a certain move, Dragon Ascent, before it’s able to Mega evolve. This remains the same in PoGO. In order to learn Dragon Ascent, a Charged Attack, Rayquaza needs to be given a Meteorite. That’s right. You only need one Meteorite to teach Rayquaza Dragon Ascent and enable its Mega evolution.

That’s how to get Meteorite in Pokemon GO. Ready your team to take on Mega Rayquaza raids, attempt to catch a Shiny Cresselia, or just veg out with Grass-type Pokemon during the upcoming Glittering Garden event. We also have PoGO guides that cover various battle league teams, the rarest Shiny Pokemon, and more.

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