Hearty Grains in Pokemon Legends are for more than just completing a side quest. Here's what you can use them for.

Pokemon Legends Arcues: Where to Find Hearty Grains

Hearty Grains in Pokemon Legends are for more than just completing a side quest. Here's what you can use them for.

If you’re looking for Hearty Grains in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you won’t have to look too far. The wheaty goodness is fairly common, though it only grows in one region of Hisui.

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You’ll need them for one of Legends’ many side quests, but Hearty Grains are also a key ingredient in some very helpful recipes. You’ll want plenty of them on hand, and here’s where to look.

Where to Find Hearty Grains in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Hearty Grains are only found in Crimson Mirelands, the second area you unlock in Pokemon Legends. They grow on the ground in the Golden Plains area of the Crimson Mirelands and look like little sprigs of wheat – not to be confused with the golden grass further in the plains that aren’t grains, despite looking like them. I’ve found most of the Hearty Grains tend to grow near rocks, including the rocky area right near the region’s first camp.

You may also have luck finding Hearty Grains in haystacks scattered around the mirey part of the Crimson Mirelands. These contain plants of some variety and often include Hearty Grain.

What Is Hearty Grain for in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The first use you’ll find for Hearty Grains is in the side quest Getting Ahold of New Wares. You need to bring Hearty Grains back to Choy so they expand their shop inventory. There’s a much better use for them, though: crafting food.

After you complete Arezu’s Predicament, the quest that sends you into the Mirelands, head back to Jubilife.

There’s a new quest available inside one of the houses on Floaro street. If you face Galaxy HQ, it’s the house on your left that’s second closest to the bridge. Complete the quest The Taste of Home to get a recipe for Jubilife Muffins. These require Hearty Grains and will remove any status ailment afflicting your Pokemon.

Once you reach Coronet Highlands, the fourth region, speak with the Galaxy team member near Lonely Springs to get the recipe for Choice Dumpling. These make your Pokemon fixate on their last move, which means that move becomes more powerful each time they use it.

That’s all you need to know about Hearty Grains in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but make sure to check out our other Pokemon Legends guides for more tips and tricks.

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