Wonder Mail code items help make dungeon life easier, and we've got them all here for you.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: All Wonder Mail Codes

Wonder Mail code items help make dungeon life easier, and we've got them all here for you.
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon first introduced the Wonder Mail concept when it launched 15 years ago. It’s back in full force now, with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX offering 22 Wonder Mail codes and rewards for your convenience.

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Here’s what they all are and what they do.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: What Is Wonder Mail?

Wonder Mail refers to codes you input to get freebies in the game. It’s sort of like Mystery Gift, and like Mystery Gift, it’s not a mystery what you get. Each code is associated with a specific item and, in a couple of cases, specific Pokemon.

Some of these are incredibly helpful too, like the Wigglytuff Orbs. These let you access Wigglytuff’s Camp Store on the fly, where you can purchase camps you need to recruit specific Pokemon. Other items you can sell or use in dungeons to make the crawl a bit easier.

Once you’ve found a code you want to use, just open the menu and select the Pelipper icon. Enter the code in the menu that comes up, and you’ll be presented with the reward associated with that code.

All Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail Codes

Here are all the Wonder Mail codes you can get in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX.

Wonder Mail Code Wonder Mail Reward
  991Y5K47 Mareep*
  92JMR48W  Smoochum*
  QXW5MMN1 3 Rare Wigglytuff Orbs, 3 Inviting Orbs, 1 Wigglytuff Orb
  8QXR93P5 40 Geo Pebbles, 40 Gravelrocks, 20 Golden Fossils
  XT498SP7 2 Power Drinks, 2 Accuracy Drinks, 2 PP-Up Drinks
  25QQTSCR  1 Power-Up Band, 1 Defense Scarf, 1 Gold Ribbon
  0R7910P7  2 Life Seeds, 2 Carbos
3R62CR63  5 Rawst Berries, 5 Chesto Berries, 2 Tiny Reviver Seeds
  H6W7K262  2 DX Gummies
  XMK95K49  1 DX Gummi, 3 Rainbow Gummi
  6XWHH7JM  3 Rainbow Gummies, 3 Accuracy Drinks
  SN3XQSFW  6 Rainbow Gummies
  Y490CJMR  3 Rainbow Gummies, 3 PP-Up Drinks
  WCJT275J  3 Rainbow Gummies, 3 Power Drinks
  FSHH6SR0  10 Oran Berries, 1 Sitrus Berry, 1 Reviver Seed
  R13R6XY0  Thunderbolt TM
  XNY8PK40  Brutal Swing TM
  PFXQPCN3  Bulldoze TM
  P5R9411S  Flamethrower TM
  W95R91XT  Smart Strike TM
  N0R7K93R  Energy Ball TM
  3TY1XW99  Leech Life TM
  90P7CQP9  Shadow Ball TM
JR4113QS  Waterfall TM
  78SH6463  Focus Blast TM
  XMK5JQQM  Ice Beam TM


For Smoochum and Mareep, you’ll need their respective camps. Mareep’s is Thunder Meadow, while Smoochum needs the Frigid Cavern

And that’s that. Using Wonder Mail is super easy, and it’s definitely worth your time to help ease your way, especially in the post-game dungeons.

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