Buried Relic hides treasures and Legendary Pokemon, including the chance to get Mew in Mystery Dungeon DX.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Buried Relic Dungeon Guide

Buried Relic hides treasures and Legendary Pokemon, including the chance to get Mew in Mystery Dungeon DX.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX‘s post-game is where the challenge really begins. One of the many dungeons you get access to at this point you’ll is the Buried Relic dungeon, and it’s an adventure you’ll most definitely want to take.

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On top of getting you yet another handy Friend Bow — very useful for Shiny hunters especially — this is where you’ll find a handful of Legendary Pokemon, including that ever-elusive Mew.

Here’s what it’s all about.

How to Access Buried Relic in Mystery Dungeon DX

Since it’s a post-game dungeon, you won’t be surprised to learn you first need to beat the game to get access to Buried Relic. After that, speak with Whiscash and Lombre in Pokemon Square to learn about the Stormy Sea dungeon.

Head to the dungeon, and be prepared to face off against Kyogre, the Legendary Water-type Pokemon. It’s a doozy of a fight, so make sure you’ve got Electric or Grass type moves. After you win, Kyogre automatically joins you and brings its Camp along too.

A few days after you’ve cleared the Kyogre battle, Pelipper leaves mail in your box talking about another dungeon. Speak to Shiftry and Lombre in Pokemon Square, and you’ll open up Buried Relic.

Before you leave town, though, go ahead and buy the Final Island Camp from Wigglytuff’s store, as you’ll need that for Mew.

It’s recommended you get your first Friend Bow from Mt. Faraway before heading out, since it’ll increase your chance of recruiting Mew.

Finally, be prepared with either a Fighting-type Pokemon or at least one strong Fighting-type move, plus some status effect-inducing moves.

You’re in for some tough fights against strong Pokemon, so make sure your team is at least over level 40.

Mystery Dungeon DX: Buried Relic Dungeon

Buried Relic is one of the biggest dungeons in the game, with 99 floors. For now, your main focus is just floors 1-35.

As you work your way through, you’ll find various stat drinks like Carbos hidden in the destructible walls, so make sure to take advantage of those to boost your team’s stats if need be.

Starting with the 15th floor, you’ll be challenging the three Regi Pokemon at intervals. They cannot be recruited the first time you fight them, but all subsequent fights bring the usual chances of recruitment if you have the Ancient Relic Camp.

Buried Relic Boss 1: Regirock

The first challenge is on Floor 15, where you’ll face off against Regirock. It’s a Rock-type (no surprises there) Legendary Pokemon, so Fighting, Water, Grass, Ground, or Steel would all be effective. Take advantage of status and stat effect moves if you need an extra advantage.

Once you win, you get the Rock Part, one of three components for making the Music Box you’ll use to summon Mew.

Buried Relic Boss 2: Regice

Buried Relic Floor 25 is where Regice lives, and naturally it is an Ice-type.

Fighting is good again here, but Fire and Rock are equally effective if you didn’t bring along a Fighting ‘mon.

Winning against Regice gives you the Ice Part, the second of the Music Box’s three pieces.

Buried Relic Boss 3: Registeel

Registeel is the final of the three Regi Pokemon you’ll battle in Buried Relic, and it lives on Floor 35.

Being a Steel-type Pokemon, Registeel is weak to Fighting as well, along with Fire and Ground.

Victory earns you the Steel Part, and now the Music Box is complete.

Finding and Recruiting Mew in Mystery Dungeon DX

The next thing to do in Buried Relic is find and recruit Mew. Unfortunately, that’s not quite as easy as it sounds.

Once you use the Music Box to summon Mew, it could appear on any of the remaining floors in the dungeon, which means you’ll search from Floor 36 onward, potentially up to Floor 99 if you don’t luck out.

Once you do find Mew, the same rules apply as for recruiting any other Pokemon. Your leader needs to deal the final blow if you want a chance to recruit it, and you’d be well advised to have a Friend Bow plus the Squad Up Rare Quality, and to use False Swipe during the battle.

None of that means you’ll automatically recruit Mew, though. If you don’t get the chance, you’ll need to exit and then try all over again. It’s a headache, but it’s also Mew, so weigh that out before deciding whether that’s worth the trouble.

Buried Relic Clear Rewards

Should you not manage to recruit Mew, it’s still worth your time to explore the rest of the dungeon. If you make it all the way to Floor 99 and clear it, you’ll be rewarded with some good finds indeed:

  • Friend Bow
  • 8 Evolution Crystals
  • 4 Deluxe Chests

That’s it for our Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Buried Relic guide. Be sure to check out our growing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX guides collection for more essentials to help you through the dungeons, including:

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