Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Pokemon for Tera Raids

Improve your battle results with the help of our best Pokemon list for Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Improve your battle results with the help of our best Pokemon list for Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
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Synergy of moves and abilities is the foundation of the new Tera Raid battle format in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Players can catch wild Pokemon and Terastallize them, thus increasing their stats for more effective team work against the enemy Pokemon.

Our guide will provide you with a list of the best Pokemon for Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You will learn which moves and abilities are the best, as well as gain knowledge on how to catch these Pokemon.

Best Pokemon for Tera Raids

Iron Hands

  • Role: Physical Attacker.

Iron Hands Pokemon with the Fighting tera type is the strongest attacker in the game right now. Players can find and catch this particular type at Area Zero.

If you want Iron Hands to deal even more damage, then change its nature to Adamant, using Adamant Mint if the one you’ve caught had a different nature.

His best moves are Belly Drum, which increases his attack by six stages, and Drain Punch, which also heals you while dealing further damage.

Iron Hand’s best ability is Quark Drive, which boosts any of your highest stat by another 30%.


  • Role: Special Attacker.

Although Miraidon has some very strong physical attacks, this Pokemon would be best used in Tera Raids as a Special Attacker with Electric Tera type due to the nature of its moves.

Miraidon’s best moves are Electro Drift and Dragon Pulse for pure damage, but it is also recommended to use Metal Sound to debuff enemy’s special defenses.

Players automatically obtain Miraidon as soon as they complete the game. But you can also catch the second one in The Great Crater of Paldea. This second one will have the Modest nature, which is more suitable for Tera Raids.


  • Role: Support.

A perfect support Pokemon is the one who can taunt enemies and deflect their damage, as well as heal all the allies and have immunity from certain types of Pokemon. Grimmsnarl combines all those elements!

Taunting prevents enemy Pokemon from using their status moves, and such moves like Reflect and Light Screen protect you from incoming damage. After that, use Heal Up to restore your team’s HP.

The most suitable Tera type for Grimmsnarl would be Fairy, as it grants him immunity from Dragon types. You will need to catch Impidimp at Tagtree Thicket, and level it up to Level 42, as that’s when it automatically evolves into Grimmsnarl.


  • Role: Physical Attacker.

Koraidon combines the moves of both Iron Hand and Miraidon, with the main focus on physical damage with its Fighting Tera type.

The best offensive moves are Collision Course and Fire Fang, but you can also use Screech to debuff your enemy’s defenses by the whole two stages.

Just like in the case with Miraidon, players can catch two Koraidon Pokemon. The first one becomes available right after the game is completed, and the second one can be caught in The Great Crater of Paldea.

Flutter Mane

  • Role: Special Attacker.

This Fairy Pokemon may not look formidable, but its strength is hidden in the special combo that increases its special attacks to truly formidable levels. The mentioned combo involves Protosynthesis ability and Booster Energy held item.

Once it is Terastallized your best move will be Moonblast, which deals massive damage to Dragon, Fighting, and Dark types with 100% accuracy. Also, use Shadow Ball to protect yourself from Ghost types and Mystical Fire against Steel types.

Players can catch Flutter Mane at Research Station 4 in Area Zero, or by trading or playing co-op with other players who own Pokemon Scarlet, if you have Pokemon Violet yourself.


  • Role: Support.

Gardevoir is very similar in its playstyle to Grimmsnarl with a few notable exceptions.

They both share the Fairy tera type, which makes them immune to Dragon types, and have Reflect and Light Screen moves to deflect enemy attacks, but Gardevoir also has an attack boosting move Helping Hand, which is excellent for supporting your attackers.

In case you want to heal your team, then use Life Dew, but most importantly, use your Synchronize ability to deflect an enemy’s own negative status effect.

Gardevoir evolves from Kirlia once it has reached Level 30. You can catch Kirlia around lighthouses in Port Miranda and Levincia.

Those are the best Pokemon for Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet tips and tricks articles, head over to our dedicated guides hub.

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