This week's Super Effective Files focuses on Grass Pokemon with a spotlight on Lilligant!

Pokemon Super Effective Files: Grass Spotlight

This week's Super Effective Files focuses on Grass Pokemon with a spotlight on Lilligant!

This week’s Super Effective Files focuses on Grass-type Pokemon. The spotlight will be on Lilligant, but first I want to go over general info on Grass-types.

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Grass is a type you see early on as it is always one of the choices of starter Pokemon. Early on, Grass types often had Poison as a secondary, even though it is one of their weaknesses. 

Grass has a varied moveset where it can be a support/healing, offensive, and more. This makes Grass a great type to look at when coming up with a competitive team.

Grass Type Info 

Offensively, Grass is not that impressive as it only deals double damage to Rock, Ground, and Water. It also deals half damage to Fire, Bug, Dragon, Flying, Grass, Poison, and Steel. That is a lot that Grass can’t do even full damage to, so it is best to use these types against the super effective targets.

Defensively, They take double damage from Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug, and Poison. Luckily, they only take half damage from Electric, Grass, Ground, and Water.

There are multiple Grass Moves that involve draining HP from the opponent and restoring your own at the same time. Leech Seed places a seed on the enemy that steals HP every turn, while Mega Drain directly damages the enemy and heals you in the process.

Stun Spore, which paralyzes Pokemon, and Sleep Powder are also popular choices in competitive battling.

Pokemon Super Effective Files Solar Beam

If you want pure power, Solar Beam is the way to go. It is a 2-turn attack where you charge up sunlight on the 1st turn, then blast the enemy on the 2nd. Energy Bomb and Leaf Blade are also great choices for strong Grass-type attacks.

Finally, Grass has some great self healing moves. Synthesis heals the user by an amount based on the weather. Ingrain makes it so that your Pokemon can’t switch out, but gets healed every turn.

Today’s spotlight, Lilligant, is a great example of the versatility of Grass Pokemon. The one I use is great for a Sun team, which are Pokemon that take advantage of the Sunny Day weather effect.

The Power of Grass

Lilligant has all-around good stats, but its biggest strength lies in Special Attack. Speed is also pretty good, but made great with the right ability.

  • HP: 70
  • Attack: 60
  • Defense: 75
  • Special Attack: 110
  • Special Defense: 75
  • Speed: 90

Petilil evolves into Lilligant when you use a Sun Stone. Keep in mind that if you evolve this Pokemon early, you will miss on on some moves. It has 2 normal abilities, Chlorophyll and Own Tempo, and 1 hidden ability, Leaf Guard.

  • Chlorophyll – Doubles the Speed stat when in sunlight.
  • Own Tempo – Cannot be confused.
  • Leaf Guard – Can’t receive status conditions when in sunlight. 

The Quick and Deadly Lilligant

Lilligant is begging to be used on a Sun Team or least have Sunny Day active. It is best used with the Chlorophyll ability since it will be able to almost always go first during Sunny Day.

Lilligant can be used as an annoyer/sweeper with the right moveset. Since it has a great Special Attack, Modest is the best choice if you are going to deal damage at any point.

Pokemon Super Effective Files Lilligant Super Training

I maxed Special Attack in EV/Super Training, then put most of the rest in HP and a some in Speed. You will usually have Speed doubled, but it is good to raise it a bit to have a little extra just in case.

The moveset I use is Stun Spore, Worry Seed, Solar Beam, and Sunny Day.

  • Stun Spore has a 75% chance to paralyze the enemy.
    • Great for crippling the team so your other Pokemon, who might be slower, can go first.
  • Worry Seed turns the target Pokemon’s ability to Insomnia, making it so that they can’t be put to sleep.
    • This has to be bred, but it is very useful for certain Pokemon
    • You can take out troublesome abilities, such as Blaziken’s Speed Boost.
  • Solar Beam is a very strong Grass Special Attack.
    • This hits hard and Lilligant gets STAB from it.
  • Sunny Day gives the Sun weather effect, which powers up Fire type moves.
    • This also makes Solar Beam instantly usable instead of charging each turn.
    • This is mandatory as it also doubles the Speed of Lilligant.

I use Wide Lens because it increases the accuracy of moves by 10%. This is useful to give Stun Spore a higher chance of working.

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Super Effective Files! I’ll be here next week!

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