Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Looplets and Emeras Guide

Need info on Looplets and Emeras in Pokemon? This guide has all the details you need.

Need info on Looplets and Emeras in Pokemon? This guide has all the details you need.

Looplets are equips in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. Alone, they are nothing, but when you place Emeras inside them, they give special effects. You can only find Emeras in dungeons and they go away when you leave, so you’ll have to make do with what you get.

There are things to know when placing Emeras, even if you have to deal with what you find during a dungeon. I’ll explain the uses of Emeras in Looplets, and give some examples of Looplets and Emeras you should look out for while adventuring.

This guide will go over everything about Looplets and Emeras in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon including:

  • Looplet and Emera Info – What they are and how they work.
  • Looplet and Emera Suggestions – Examples of Emeras to look for in dungeons.

Looplet and Emera Info

Looplets are bracelets that you and your partners can wear. Each Pokemon, not including guest Pokemon, can wear one Looplet. You can switch them around as many times as you want.

Normal Looplets don’t do anything, but there are special ones that you can get. These special Looplets can increase attack, keep the weather clear, restore HP, and more.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Looplet

Besides the passive effects from special Looplets, you can place Emeras in them. These Emeras are gems you find during a dungeon and give added bonuses, such as guarding against paralysis, or increasing critical-hit rate.

Emeras go away whenever you leave a dungeon, so you must find new ones whenever you go to a new dungeon.

Looplets can only hold a certain number of Emeras, which is different for each one. There are orbs you can find, or buy, to raise the max slots of a Looplet for one dungeon.

Having the right Looplets and Emeras can mean the difference between completing a dungeon, or failing. Who you give them to is equally as important.

Looplet and Emera Suggestions

What kinds of Looplets and Emeras you want will depend on the dungeon, situation, and party. There are some to definitely look out for, though.

  • Attack Looplet – This makes a difference and can go on any Pokemon if you set your team tactics to “Go after foes”. If not, then it is best for the lead Pokemon.
    • This raises attack and gives the extra bit you might need to finish a Pokemon off before losing a battle.
  • Weather Looplet – This negates weather effects and acts as if the weather is always clear. 
    • This is great for anyone and lets you keep the benefit of recovering HP every step you take that comes from Clear weather.
  • Status Effect Emeras – These range from Paraylsis Guard to Sleep Payback. Putting these on the lead Pokemon can help a lot.
    • Sleep Payback, for example, can sometimes cause the enemy Pokemon to fall asleep if they damage the wearer.
    • Paralysis Guard prevents the wearer from getting paralyzed.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Emeras

  • Locating Emeras – These are ones like Clairvoyance, which displays the locations of items on the entire floor on the map.
    • This only works for the lead Pokemon. You can switch lead to the Pokemon that has this Emera to see the locations, then switch back.
  • Attack Emeras – These are ones like Super Critical or Power Boost. They increase damage of moves, or cause extra critical hits. 
    • Anyone who uses mostly damaging attacks can benefit from, and should use, these Emeras.

Always look at the party you have when deciding what Looplets and Emeras to use. If you have a Pokemon that has a lot of support moves, don’t give them attack Looplets and Emeras.

It is a good idea to give the leader most of the status effect Emeras and those that negate certain attacks/effects. 

That’s all for my Looplets and Emeras guide for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. Please visit the beginner guide for more tips on this game. 

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