Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Party Building Guide

Check this guide out to help choose the best party for a dungeon in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon!

Check this guide out to help choose the best party for a dungeon in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon!

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon lets you pick 3 Pokemon to enter a dungeon, once you make it far enough through the story. Like in cannon Pokemon games, it is important to plan who you have in your party. Dungeons can be brutal and you’ll only succeed with the right Pokemon at times.

I’ll help you decide on the perfect party by giving you info on some of the Pokemon available and their moves. If you want more info on the equips, check out my Looplets and Emeras Guide.

This guide will go over building your party in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon including:

  • Pokemon Types – The different Pokemon you can get and their moves.
  • Party Suggestions – Examples of parties you can use in certain situations.

Pokemon Types

Even though the combat is a little different, the types and most of the stats are the same as main Pokemon games. Your team’s types and moves are very important when going into a dungeon.

If a dungeon has several ghost Pokemon, for example, you will want Pokemon with elemental attacks. If you go in with only Normal attacks, you will not be able to beat them since Normal attacks can not hit Ghost Pokemon.

When you are in a dungeon you can check the type chart that explains what the symbols mean.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Type Chart

Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Fire is very effective to Grass, but not very effective against Water. Ghost is very effective against other Ghost types, but has no effect against Normal.

  • Very effective – These attacks do twice the normal damage if it has this symbol when attacking.
  • Normal – These attacks do the normal amount of damage if it has this symbol when attacking.
  • Not very effective – These attacks do half the normal damage if it has this symbol when attacking.
  • No effect – These attacks will not do any damage if it has this symbol when attacking.

Not only do you want to try to get Pokemon with moves that are strong against the Pokemon in the dungeon you are going to, you want to make sure your Pokemon aren’t weak against their attacks.

You can’t always choose the perfect Pokemon, but you will want to be aware of the strengths and weakness when deciding who will go to a dungeon. You don’t need to choose your starter or partner Pokemon either; you can choose whoever you want.

Party Suggestions

These depend on the dungeon, but I will give some examples. You can also change the leader at any time during a dungeon by touching their name on the bottom screen.

  • Balanced – 1 attacker, 1 defense, 1 support
    • This takes care of most problems if you have the right types. Get 1 Pokemon with different types of attacks and a good attack or special attack stat. 
    • Get one that has high defense, HP, and moves for defending.
    • Get another that has healing moves, or moves that raise your team’s stats.
    • Example Team: Raichu, Salamence, Sylveon.
  • Full Attack – 3 attackers with several different elements
    • You can also get a team that just attacks. Try to make all 3 Pokemon be different types that can cover each other’s weaknesses.
    • Also, try to get Pokemon that have varied types of attacks, and at least 1 attack that is the same type as them.
    • You can press start during a dungeon to toggle the display to a type chart. This chart will show all of your moves, what type they are, and how they do against all the other types in the game.
    • Example Team: Starter (Froakie), Partner (Fennekin), Raichu

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Type matchup

  • Attack and Support/Defend – 2 attackers and either a support or defender
    • This is what I usually use. You can have 2 Pokemon that deal a lot of damage, and one to support them in some way, or defend against attacks.
    • This way you can do a lot of damage, while still keeping your Pokemon safe.
    • Example Team: Starter, Partner, Sylveon

That’s it for my Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Party Building guide. Let me know if you have any questions or party examples of your own! Please visit the Beginner Tips and Tricks for more info and help.

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