Pokemon X Y – Champion Diantha Guide

You're almost there!

You're almost there!

You are one fight away from beating the core game; you must defeat Diantha and become Kalos’s champion in Pokemon X Y. She is much tougher than the Elite Four was, but with determination and Professor Neckbeard’s help, you will beat her so hard she will give you her silly looking coat.

Diantha’s team is made up of a level 64 Hawlucha, a level 65 Tyrantrum, a level 65 Aurorus, a level 65 Gourgeist, a level 66 Goodra, and a level 68 Gardevoir. All of the Pokemon here, except Gardevoir, are from the current generation.

  • Fighting/Flying
  • Limber (Ability) – Hawlucha cannot be paralyzed
  • Swords Dance (Normal) – Sharply increases Hawlucha’s attack stat
  • Flying Press (Fighting) – Physical; combination of fighting and flying types, thus effective against normal, grass, ice, fighting, and dark
  • X-Scissor (Bug) – Physical;
  • Poison Jab (Poison) – Physical; chance of poisoning your Pokemon
  • Weaknesses: Flying, electric, psychic, ice, and fairy
  • Resistances: Fighting, bug, grass, and dark
  • immunities: Ground
  • Rock/Dragon
  • Strong Jaw (Ability) – Increases power of biting moves
  • Head Smash (Rock) – Physical; has recoil
  • Earthquake (Ground) – Physical; will deal double damage to your Pokemon if it is underground via dig
  • Dragon Claw (Dragon) – Physical
  • Crunch (Dark) – Physical; chance to make your Pokemon flinch
  • Weaknesses: Fighting, ground, steel, ice, dragon, and fairy
  • Resistances: Normal, flying, poison, fire, and electric
  • immunities: None

  • Rock/Ice
  • Refrigerate (Ability) – Causes normal type moves to become ice; this will not come into play in this match, so, don’t worry
  • Thunder (Electric) – Special; can hit Pokemon using fly; chance to paralyze your Pokemon
  • Blizzard (Ice) – Special; chance to freeze your Pokemon
  • Light Screen (Psychic) – Halves special attack done to Diantha’s team; lasts five turns
  • Reflect (Psychic) – Same thing as above but replace special attack with attack
  • Weaknesses: Fighting, ground, rock, steel, water, and grass
  • Resistances: Normal, flying, poison, and ice
  • Immunities: None
  • Ghost/Grass
  • Pickup (Ability) – Gourgeist will pickup your Pokemon’s berry or other held item, if consumed, and be able to use it for itself; also works on moves like Fling
  • Trick-or-Treat (Ghost) – Will make your Pokemon have the secondary type ghost, adding it if your Pokemon is mono type or replacing your Pokemon’s secondary type if it’s dual
  • Phantom Force (Ghost) – Physical; Gourgeist vanishes for a turn then comes back; Can attack through protect and the like
  • Seed Bomb (Grass) – Physical
  • Shadow Sneak (Ghost) – Physical; works like Quick Attack, giving Gourgeist increased priority
  • Weaknesses: Flying, ghost, fire, ice, and dark
  • Resistances: Ground, water, grass, and electric
  • Immunities: Normal and fighting

  • Dragon
  • Sap Sipper (Ability) – Renders grass type moves ineffective, save for aromatherapy; if hit with grass moves, raises the attack stat of Goodra
  • Dragon Pulse (Dragon) – Special
  • Muddy Water (Water) – Special; can lower your Pokemon’s accuracy
  • Fire Blast (Fire) – Special; chance to burn you
  • Focus Blast (Fighting) – Special; can lower your special defense
  • Weaknesses: Ice, dragon, and fairy
  • Resistances: Fire, water, grass, and electric
  • Immunities: None

(Mega) Gardevoir
  • Gardevoirite – Gardevoir will mega evolve at the start of the match, this changes its ability, but the type remains the same
  • Psychic/Fairy
  • Pixilate – Turns normal type moves into fairy types; completely irrelevant for this battle as she has no normal moves
  • Moonblast (Fairy) – Special; chance to lower your special attack
  • Psychic (Psychic) – Special; chance to lower your special defense
  • Shadow Ball (Ghost) – Special; chance to lower your special defense
  • Thunderbolt (Electric) – Special; chance to paralyze your Pokemon

The team that you choose for the Elite Four and Diantha will have to be carefully selected. Diantha’s team is complex, especially because of Mega Gardevoir; try to have a Pokemon with a mega evolution on your team.

Congratulations on being the champion! If you need help with Pokemon locations or information on EVs and super training, check out Professor Neckbeard’s Pokemon X Y Walkthrough.

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