Pokemon X Y – Fifth Gym Leader Clemont Guide

Inspector Gadget called, he wants his gadgetpack back.

You have just fixed the Kalos Power Plant and journeyed through Route 13 to make it to Lumiose City. After an event involving the tower in the center of town, you are set to take on the Pokemon X Y fifth gym leader Clemont.

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Clemont is one eccentric kid. He’s like Egon from the Ghost Busters if Egon had mixed science with the power of friendship.

Know Your Enemy

As always, a gym can either be a cakewalk or it can be a nightmare depending on the level of your Pokemon and the selection of your team. Electric types are not strong against very many Pokemon, but they are not weak against many either.

According to the PokemonDB, mono electric types are weak to ground moves only. This puts them at a huge advantage defensively. If you do not have a ground member on your team or someone with ground moves, you are going to have to rely on your stats and strategy. If you are looking for a challenge, this could be fun, but if you just want to get a badge, this could be a bother.

Electric moves are strong against water and flying. This puts Greninja, Flametalon, and many of the Pokemon you get early on in danger.

Electric moves will only deal half damage to electric, grass, and dragon. Electric moves have no effect on ground types. They are resistant to electric, flying, and steel moves.

It would be quite viable to run through this with one or two ground Pokemon around level 40 with barely any damage sustained. What might hurt you with this strategy is if you use a ground type that is slower than most electrics. They might be able to hit you with non-electric moves and whittle your hp down battle by battle.

Everyone should have this guy by this point in the game. Hopefully you have been keeping his levels up. If you have and you have the move Bone Rush, you can easily get through this gym with minimal to no damage taken. Lucario is at least naturally somewhat fast and if you land three to five hits with this move, it should one shot almost any opponent. Some tankier ones might take two or three uses of the move.

Lumiose City 2: Electric Boogaloo

The gym is designed to be like a quiz show. Clemont’s little sister will ask you to identify a Pokemon. There will be three elevators with trainers blocking the pathway. These are numbered 1-3.

When choosing your answer, you will speak to the trainer in front of the elevator and this will lead to a battle. If you win, you enter the elevator and it will tell you if you have the right answer or not. If you do, you go up a floor. If you don’t, you will have to face another trainer.

The questions for this, save for the last one, are a complete joke. They are ridiculously simple. Nonetheless, if you are coming back to this game after not having played for a while and are not familiar with the Pokemon from the last three or four generations, I will give you the answers.

I will be giving you these answers assuming every version of the game has the same questions. Use your own judgment accordingly if you think my answers are wrong. If you want to challenge all the trainers for the most exp., just answer incorrectly.

Question 1


If you do not know this answer, you should probably stand in front of a running Rhyhorn. The answer is Pikachu, the third elevator.

Schoolboy Arno

Pachirisu (lvl. 34)

  • Thunder Wave
  • Electro Ball
  • Weaknesses: ground
Schoolboy Sherlock

Stunfisk (lvl. 34)

  • Mud Bomb
  • Camouflage
  • Weaknesses: ground, water, grass, and ice
  • Immunities: electric
Schoolboy Finnian

Dedenne (lvl. 34)

  • Weaknesses: poison and ground
  • Immunities: dragon

 Question 2

This one should not be too difficult for you. You should have encountered two of the answers, the correct one among those two, at the start of the game. The answer is Fletchling, the first elevator.

Rising Star Estel

Raichu (lvl. 35)

  • Weaknesses: ground
Rising Star Nelly

Magneton (lvl. 35)

  • Weaknesses: fighting, fire, and especially ground
  • Immunities: poison
Rising Star Helene

Manectric (lvl. 35)

  • Weaknesses: ground

Question 3

This one might throw you off if you are not familair with these three similar looking Pokemon. Look at the head shape and consult your Pokedex if need be. Or just look here: Panpour is the answer; go to the third elevator.

Ace Trainer Mathis

Lanturn (lvl. 36)

  • Weaknesses: ground and grass
Ace Trainer Maxim

Electrode (lvl. 36)

  • Light Screen
  • Self-Destruct
  • Weaknesses: ground
Ace Trainer Rico


  • Confuse Ray
  • Weaknesses: ground

Question 4

This is the last question. You have either gone against three opponents or nine opponents by this point. Rest easy, it’ll soon be over.

The answer to this question is a bit hard to tell due to how similar the two non-Butterfree Pokemon sillouhettes look.The true outline of Vivillon is the second one; go to elevator 2.

Poke Fans Abigail, Lydie, and Tara

These three ladies have some very cute Pokemon that you will unfortunately have to knock out. They will go down with one hit from a powerful STAB move even if it is not ground type.

Abigail has a Minun, Lydie has a Plusle, and Tara has a Pikachu. All three of these are frail, but fast mono type electrics that should go down with one hit.

Minun, Plusle, Pikachu

  • Weaknesses: ground


It’s shocking how long it takes to get to the top; despite the wait, the atmosphere is still electric. You will have to use your lightning fast wit to overcome this high voltage encounter.

Emolga (lvl. 35)

  • Quick Attack
  • Aerial Ace
  • Volt Switch
  • Weaknesses: rock and ice
  • Immunities: ground


  • Mirror Shot
  • Electric T errain
  • Thunderbolt
  • Weaknesses: fighting, fire, and especially ground
  • Immunities: poison

Heliolisk (lvl. 37)

  • Quick Attack
  • Thunderbolt
  • Dry Skin (ability)
  • Weaknesses: fighting and ground
  • Immunities: ghost

If Emolga switched out at the start, chances are you will have to knock it out last. After doing so, you will talk to Clemont and his sister. He will give you the Voltage Badge and TM24 Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is a very, very powerful electric move and would probably do good on any of your Pokemon that could use it.

Way to make Emolga cry.

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