Pokemon X Y – Getting a Head Start on Your Path to Victory Road

Which starter is best for you? Are you prepared for your first gym fight?

Which starter is best for you? Are you prepared for your first gym fight?

Whether you have been playing since Gen 1 or have just hopped on with Gen 6, it is always important to get a good start on your journey into the world of Pokémon. Professor Neckbeard is here to help you have the best adventure possible.

Which Starter Do I Pick?

If you do not have a favorite type and think all of the starters are equally cool, cute, or stupid, then you will have a hard time deciding which one to take on your journey. You do not necessarily have to keep your starter on your team, but they will be the core of it in the beginning at the very least. This decision is an important one.

Fennekin will get you through the first gym leader, Viola, with relative ease as she is a bug-type user. A few fire based attacks and the bugs in that gym will be pounded grubs.

Chespin and Froakie will come in handy at the second gym against Grant, the rock-type user.

There are a few Pokémon you come across before entering Santalune that will come in handy against bug-types. Unless you want to power level your starter only, having a flying-type or two on your team will make the first gym leader easy enough.

If you are still stuck, you can decide based on what dual-type their final evolution will be. Froakie‘s final evolution, Greninja, is a water/dark type. Fennekin‘s final evolution, Delphox is a fire/psychic type. Chespin‘s final evolution, Chesnaught is a grass/fighting type.

If you have not made up your mind at this point, do what I did and go with Froakie. Water-types are the best anyway. I’m a professor, I know what I’m talking about.

Build Your Team Before Hitting the Gym

There is a surprising amount of variety available at the start of the game this time around. Players can get flying, normal, water, fire, grass, bug, poison, and fairy types before even hitting the first city with a gym leader in it.

In my research with X specifically, I have come across the following Pokémon in the first areas of my journey:

Route 2

Walking in the grass on Route 2 will get you a Pidgey, Fletchling, Weedle, Zigzagoon, or a Weedle. There is the possibility of running across a Bunnelby, as your friend caught one in a Pokéball demonstration, but I did not come across one until later.

Santalune Forest

By the time you get to the forest, you should have 10 Pokéballs on you. Shauna will be accompanying you, always at the ready when you need a heal.

Words of Neckbeardly Wisdom: Use this opportunity to catch enough Pokémon to fill out your team. Grind on the low level creatures in the forest until you are ready for Viola. They’re just Caterpie, who cares?

Santalune Forest is home to a large selection of Pokémon: Kakuna, Pansage, Scatterbug, Caterpie, Panpour, Pansear, Pikachu,and Fletchling. You might be able to find a Metapod or a Weedle here, but I did not run across one. It should be noted that I came across Pansage in X and Mrs. Neckbeard came across Panpour in Y. All three might be available in both versions if you spend enough time searching.

Update: Star_3293 has confirmed that all three monkeys can be found here, as well as Metapod.

Route 3

This route does not seem to have as much variation as the first two locations. That being said, you are guaranteed to come across another batch of Fletchlings. Thankfully, this annoyance won’t be so bad as you will also be able to catch a Bunnelby and an Azurill, who was retyped to normal/fairy.

Bidoof, Dunsparce, Pikachu, and Burmy have all been sighted here, as well. Bidoof is normal, Dunsparce is normal, Pikachu is electric, and Burmy is bug type.

Update: Star_3293 has reported that Pidgey can be found here, as well.

Best Team for the First Gym

Having a Fennekin or a Pansear will serve you well in almost all of the fights in the Santalune City gym. If you do not want to get burned dealing with fire-types, then go with the high supply Fletchling or the trustworthy Pidgey to gobble some worms.

Need more help with your game? I’ve got you covered with Professor Neckbeard’s Pokemon X Y Walkthrough.

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