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Everything you need to know about hidden stat properties, allocating skill points, and grinding for levels in Pokken Tournament DX.

Pokken Tournament DX: Ultimate Guide to Stats, Skill Points, and Leveling

Everything you need to know about hidden stat properties, allocating skill points, and grinding for levels in Pokken Tournament DX.
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When you level up a Battle Pokemon in Pokken Tournament DX, you receive skill points to spend on stats that augment your fighter’s abilities. They may seem rather straightforward at a glance, but did you know that some stats have hidden properties?

That’s right. Knowing these secret functions really changes up the way you think about allocating your skill points. In this guide, we’ll go over every property of all 4 stats, and outline a few tips for best allocating your skill points for your Pokemon and leveling up quickly.

Hidden Stat Properties in Pokken Tournament DX

Each Battle Pokemon on the roster has the potential to reach level 100 — meaning that, all in all, you have 99 skill points to spend. You may either dump all of your skill points into one stat, or spread them out to your preference.

There are 4 stats to spend your skill points on in Pokken: Attack, Defense, Synergy, and Strategy. The game gives a rather decent, if brief, description of each one, but it certainly doesn’t tell you everything that’s going on under the hood.


“Boosts attack and increases the amount of damage you deal.”

Of course, Attack is pretty straightforward. Every 10 points invested into it nets you a 1% damage increase. Pumping it up to 100 gives you a whopping 10% extra damage on top of any other buffs. In a fighting game like Pokken, that’s really nothing to sneeze at.


“Boosts defense and decreases the amount of damage you take.”

Defense is a similar deal, except it’s not quite as effective as Attack. Maxing it out at 100 only gives an 8% flat bonus to defense, meaning you need to spend about 12 to 13 points for just 1%.


“Increases the duration of Synergy Burst and increases the boost you get to attack and defense.”

As you can see, Synergy is already listed to do a lot of things. Not only does it increase the duration of Synergy Burst mode and your attack and defense while it’s active, but it also increases the rate at which you fill your Synergy Burst Gauge.

At 100, it doesn’t quite meet the heights of maxing out the attack and defense stats on their own, only actually reaching 8% and 6% respectively while in Burst. However, it does boost the actual Burst Attack’s damage by quite a lot more than a maxed attack stat does.


“Shortens the charging time for your Support Gauge and enhances support effects.”

Strategy boosts the abilities of your Support Pokemon by quite a bit. This only increases damage dealt and healed, though, it doesn’t affect any of their other functions.

Hidden Stat Properties and Skill Point Allocation in Pokken Tournament DX Ultimate Guide

How to Allocate Skill Points in Pokken Tournament DX

When it comes to stats, Attack is the obvious winner for most situations. It’s flat out better than defense (and you shouldn’t be getting hit anyway), and you’re always benefiting from the damage boost, unlike with Synergy and Strategy.

However, it can be fun and even smart to mix things up on certain Pokemon. For example, Mewtwo’s Synergy Gauge takes well over a round to fill up and would really benefit from the charge boost a maxed Synergy stat provides.

On the other hand, if you use a lot of supports or play a Pokemon like Braixen, investing into Strategy is always a solid option. The increased charge rate means you can pull off Support Cancel combos more often, and may even help you get out of a rough spot.

Of course, all of this talk on skill points and stats is moot if the Battle Pokemon you plan on playing aren’t leveled up. 

The Fastest Ways to Level Up in Pokken Tournament DX

There are a couple of ways to go about grinding for levels. The first and most accessible way is to tackle the Ferrum League. If you have it unlocked, then complete the final league’s Promotion Test over and over again for the best experience. If not, simply completing the Ferrum League is actually pretty good experience, as well.

If you happen to know a friend with a high online ranking, though, you could ask them to train you in a Friendly Match. While online, experience is simply calculated based on the opponent’s rank — it doesn’t actually matter what mode you’re playing in. Note, however, that you have to win in order to get the most experience.

And finally, remember to hit up the Daily Challenge every day. Completing the objective rewards the Pokemon you used with 3 levels while a random Pokemon on your roster receives an extra 2. (Note that if the Daily Challenge happens to be a Team Battle, the reward is split and the participating Pokemon only get 1 level each.) That’s 5 free levels a day, and while it may essentially be for random Pokemon, you never know when you may want to pick up another fighter, and it never hurts to have a head start.

fastest way to level grinding Pokken Tournament DX Ultimate Guide

With that, you know everything there is to know about skill points, stats, and leveling up Pokemon. Be sure to check out the rest of our Pokken Tournament DX guides while you’re here.

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