How to get copper bars in Postknight explained simply.

Postknight Mini Guide – How to Get Copper Bars

How to get copper bars in Postknight explained simply.

Postknight is a ton of fun, cute as a button, and luckily does not have a lot of guesswork. You go out and whap on bandits and monsters, then come back to upgrade your stuff and talk to villagers — then see that you need copper bars to buy something from the Merchant. Okay, that’s cool. Where do you get them?

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Copper bars are an upgrade from copper ore, which you find frequently enough and use toward equipment upgrade and purchases. So the big question is really how you turn copper ore into copper bars, and the answer to that is easy enough.

You can get copper bars from the Merchant for a trade of 10 copper ores and 600 coins. This is pretty cheap in the scope of things, but adds up in both time and coins spent once you need multiple copper bars.

You can only trade one copper bar at a time, and you can only do it once per item listing. You can choose to either wait for the Merchant to refresh her wares or you can just watch an ad and have her replenish her stock immediately.

If you need more than one copper bar right away, I highly recommend just watching an ad to grab the next one. Especially if you’re enjoying the game.

It’s worth mentioning that the Merchant will only ever have one bar at a time, and she won’t necessarily have a copper bar for sale with each refresh. You may have to refresh the stock more than once to have a copper bar show up.

The Merchant is useful for buying materials, gifts, and equipment. If you haven’t made much use of her yet, it’s time to get used to it as you increasingly need her expensive wares as you progress. She is also the easiest source of a number of gifts for the villagers. 

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