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Predecessor Ranked Mode: Release Date, Requirements, & Rewards

Get the best builds and sharpen your skills because ranked is coming soon to Predecessor.

Most competitive players like to see their name on a leaderboard, and games with a ranked mode allow them to scratch that itch. Luckily for players, the Predecessor ranked mode is closer than you think, as Omeda Studios announced its release date, so keep reading if you want to learn everything about the new game mode.

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Predecessor Ranked Mode Release Date

According to Omeda Studios’ official announcement, Predecessor‘s Ranked Mode will launch on June 15, 2024. This means that you only have a couple of weeks to prepare for the competitive madness ranked mode will bring to Predecessor.

Ranked is a huge deal for competitive players as many like knowing they’re higher-skilled than other players, so adding a ranked mode could bring some players back to the game.

Predecessor Ranked Mode Requirements

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to access the game mode from launch as ranked mode has some requirements. This will prevent new players from having bad experiences against competitive gamers who know their way around the game. To have access to Predecessor‘s ranked mode, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Players’ account level must be 30 or higher
  • Players must have unlocked at least 20 Heroes. Heroes in free rotation will not count
  • Player’s account must be in good standing and not on any matchmaking bans

Besides these requirements, if you want to play ranked with your friends, they must be in roughly the same rank as you. If not, you will not be able to queue together.

Predecessor Ranked Mode Rewards

Unlike other game modes, ranked mode is perfect for competitive players wanting to prove they’re the best at the game. This added pressure will be worth it as Predecessor will reward players based on two things:

  • The highest rank achieved during the season
  • The rank in which players finish the season

To get to higher ranks, you need to win matches and accumulate VP. The more you win, the better opponents you’ll face. The ranks will be distributed in the following manner: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Paragon.

Predecessor ranked mode distribution
Image via Omeda Studios

Depending on how well you perform in these two categories, you will be rewarded with exclusive items like profile icons and banners. These will change each season, so you should look for them at the start.

Omeda Studios wants to ensure a reasonable matchmaking time, so the Predecessor Ranked mode will be available in a specific window during the weekends. This limited-time availability will be temporary and extended based on parameters like server load, participation, and players’ feedback.

According to the developers, players can play the Ranked mode by switching to a region where the game mode is currently available. This means EU players can join NA players and queue together, a valid option for players who don’t mind playing with high ping.

To know more about the game, go to our Predecessor guide hub. There, you’ll learn if Predecessor is cross platform, the best Revenant build, and more.

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