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Best Revenant Build in Predecessor

Kill any enemy with your critical hits with the best Revenant build in Predecessor.

Revenant is the perfect AD Carry for players looking for a fun character to main with. The dark Western aesthetic with simple yet challenging mechanics can be a good addition for a skillful player looking to wreak havoc in their next match. If you want to dominate in your next game, keep reading and learn about the best Revenant build in Predecessor.

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Predecessor: Best Revenant Build

Unlike other characters in Predecessor, Revenant doesn’t depend on attack speed to ensure high DPS. His damage comes from the fourth shot in his revolver, which always does critical damage. So, unlike in our Drongo build, you’re not going to pay much attention to that stat.


To obtain Ortus, players must choose the Rogue Crest at the start of the match. Eventually, the Rogue Crest will evolve into the Assassin Crest and later into the Ortus. The Ortus will give you the following stats:

  • +10 Physical Power
  • +8 Physical Penetration
  • +10 Ability Haste
  • Limit Breaker (90-second cooldown): Gain 20% movement speed and 10% physical power for 8 seconds. Takedowns within 8 seconds permanently grant 3 physical power and refresh the duration.
  • Creep Slayer: Deal 30 Damage to minions on-hit
  • Cost: Free

Revenant doesn’t have a movement ability to help him escape in case an enemy focuses on him or sets an ambush, so use Limit Breaker with Blink to secure your escape.


If targeted, Revenant can die quickly because of his low health values and overall low armor, so getting some Lifesteal in the early game will help you stay in your lane for longer and get some health points back if an enemy wants to test your skills. Terminus will give you the following stats:

  • +45 Physical Power
  • +25% Critical Chance
  • +12% Lifesteal
  • Anon: Converts the excess healing into a shield. The Max shield size is 80% Physical power. The shield will slowly decay 15 seconds after leaving combat
  • Cost: 3,150

The additional Lifesteal will be helpful in a fight if you’re running low on health, while the shield will help you mitigate some of the initial damage at the start of a team fight.


Vanquisher will give Revenant more physical power, physical penetration, and a higher critical chance. Vanquisher will give Revenant the following stats:

  • +45 Physical Power
  • +10 Physical Penetration
  • +25 Critical Chance
  • Annihilate: When fighting a hero below 6% health, it will execute them
  • Cost: 3,200

The physical penetration will be effective in keeping tank characters at bay if they try to mess with Revenant. Poking enemy tanks can be useful if the enemy team tries to initiate a fight in the early to mid-game.


Imperator will enhance Revenant’s ability to do damage like no other item. Besides the physical power increase, its Precision ability will take your critical hits to the next level. Imperator will give Revenant the following stats:

  • +55 Physical Power
  • +25% Critical Chance
  • Precision: Critical Strikes deal 20% more damage
  • Cost: 3.400

This Revenant build focuses on increasing raw damage and his criticals, so Imperator is a great item to increase your critical damage output.


Demolisher will help you deal with tank enemies as it increases your physical power and critical chance and will ignore 30% of physical armor. Demolisher gives the following stats:

  • +35% Physical Power
  • +25% Critical Chance
  • Deicide: Deals 0% – 25% bonus physical damage to heroes. Scales with a difference in Max Health from 0 to 1,600
  • Puncture: Ignore 30% of Physical Armor
  • Cost: 3,000

Demolisher’s Puncture and Deicide ability will help you deal with characters who choose a tank build. Ignoring 30% of their physical armor will be great at the end of the match.

Lighting Hawk

Lighting Hawk will be the final item in our build. This item allows you to chase fleeing enemies effectively, as it will slow them on every fourth successful basic attack. Lighting Hawk offers the following stats:

  • +45 Physical Power
  • +25% Attack Speed
  • +25 Critical Chance
  • Chilling Zap: On every 4th successful basic attack, it will deal +50 % physical damage besides slowing the enemy down by 25% for 0.5 seconds
  • Cost: 3,200

Revenant’s right mouse button passive makes his last revolver shot deal critical damage, so pairing it with Chilling Zap will increase its utility even more. Slowing the enemy down will help you secure a kill on those fast enemies that like to poke you in a team fight and flee quickly.

With this last item, our Revenant build is complete. If you want to focus on increasing his ability damage, then you can choose other items. For more guides, go to our Predecessor guide hub. There, you’ll learn the best Greystone build, if Predecessor is cross-platform, and more.

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