Wondering how to burn corpses in Project Zomboid? Here are a few ways.

Project Zomboid: How to Burn Corpses

Wondering how to burn corpses in Project Zomboid? Here are a few ways.
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With zombie hordes attacking every night, bodies are going to start piling up quickly outside your home in Project ZomboidNot only will you have to deal with the hundreds of bloodstains splattered around your home base, but you’ll need to rid the ground of those corpses. That’s where knowing how to burn corpses comes into play.

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This Project Zomboid guide will tell you how to burn corpses. Not only does this help keep your place looking nice, but it will keep your character’s mental health up.

How to Burn Corpses in Project Zomboid

There are two different ways to burn corpses in Project Zomboid, so you can pick and choose what method to use, based on the materials you already have. Your two options are to utilize a campfire to dispose of the corpses or to pile up bodies and use a jerry can of gasoline.

How to Burn Corpses With a Campfire

To make a campfire, you will need campfire materials. This is done by combing one of the following ingredients with either two logs or three planks:

  • Book
  • Dirty Rag
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Ripped Sheets
  • Sheet
  • Twigs

Right-click on the ground, somewhere far from any flammable resources, and choose to build a fire. This will create an unlit campfire. You’re going to want to wait to light it until you have the corpses piled atop it.

To burn corpses, start dragging the bodies over to the campfire and piling them around it. Closely packed corpses will have the fire spread between them, so make sure they’re as tightly packed as you can manage. Once you’ve got them all gathered, right-click on the fire and choose to add fuel. Fuel can be any of the following items:

  • Socks (Five Minutes)
  • Ripped Sheets (Five Minutes)
  • Shoes (10 Minutes)
  • Sheet (10 Minutes)
  • Sheet of Paper (Ten Minutes)
  • Twigs (15 Minutes)
  • Sturdy Stick (15 Minutes)
  • Book (15 Minutes)
  • Skill Book (15 Minutes)
  • Magazine (15 Minutes)
  • Skill Magazine (15 Minutes)
  • Newspaper (15 Minutes)
  • Journal (15 Minutes)
  • Comic Book (15 Minutes)
  • Empty Notebook (15 Minutes)
  • Tree Branch (One Hour)
  • Plank (Two Hours)
  • Notched Wooden Plank (Two Hours)
  • Log (10 Hours)

You can now right-click the campfire and ignite it, using either a lighter or matches to do so. If you used either a sturdy stick or a notched wooden plank for the fuel, then you can use the other fuel option for ignition. 

How to Burn Corpses With a Jerry Can

If you have a gas can and some matches or a lighter, you can quickly burn corpses. This is better for small amounts of corpses and is less material-consuming. Just like the other method, begin by piling up corpses into a single pile for ease.

Equip the gas can as your primary item, then the lighter or matches as your secondary item. Right-click a corpse in the pile and choose to burn the corpse. Repeat this for any other corpses that don’t catch, and they’ll be quickly disposed of.

That’s all you need to know about how to burn zombie corpses in Project Zomboid. There’s so much more to this game, so if you’re interested in learning more, consider checking out our guides hub for more articles!

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