PS4 First Day Update Trick

Day one update woes solved!

I think from here on out we should expect first day updates for any device anywhere. My phone, day one update, my computer, insane amounts of downloads, and my consoles, of course an update.

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This can be frustrating, but there is an easy trick to make it go by much quicker. The update itself is 308 MB, which means it can fit on just about any storage device. 308 MB doesn’t sound like much for an update download, but consider how many people are trying to download the update from PSN versus how many people are downloading it from the PlayStation website. It will be much quicker to download from the website.

Step by step instructions
  1. Go to the PlayStation update download page.
  2. Download the update to an easy place on your computer where you can find it.
  3. Within your storage device, create a folder called PS4; within the PS4 folder create a folder called UPDATE.
  4. Cut and paste the update into the UPDATE folder on your storage device.
  5. Rename the update file to “PS4UPDATE.PUP” if it is not already named this.
  6. Turn off your PS4 and make sure that the power supply is off as well. (If you leave the console off for about 10 seconds the power indicator will go from an orange light to off)
  7. Plug the storage device into your PS4.
  8. Hold the power button for 7 seconds (This starts the PS4 in safe mode)
  9. Select Update System Software, this should automatically find your update file on the storage device, if it does not do this automatically, double check the file and folder names of the update on your storage device.

I hope this helps! Leave a comment if I got something wrong or if you have something to add.

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