We take a look at how best to use one of the new PUBG mechanics--vaulting.

PUBG Guide: How to Vault

We take a look at how best to use one of the new PUBG mechanics--vaulting.
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At long last, Bluehole has rolled out the highly anticipated PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) update that allows you to perform new actions, including vaulting. It’s meant to improve gameplay and open up new strategies, as you interact even more with the environment and try to survive. Wondering how to go about actually vaulting, though? Then we’ve got the guide for you.

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What Even Is it?

PUBG is a Battle Royale game where you play as a solider, of sorts, in a vast, open battle field. The goal is to survive against other players, using a number of weapons and vehicles to help you be the last one standing. it sounds easy, but it’s more difficult than it might appear. There are up to 100 players scattered through the battleground, along with various obstacles and buildings that can help or hinder you.

That’s where vaulting comes in. Bluehole promised new methods of movement to help players take strategic advantage of the environment, and vaulting delivers on that promise. Some objects around the field are too tall to walk over, and jumping isn’t exactly graceful or expedient. But vaulting lets you hop over with no trouble.

How Do I Vault?

Let’s say you’re running away from another player, and you see a tall stone wall you need to hop over. How can you do that? What you have to do is run by holding down the W Key on your keyboard, and when you are close to the object or wall, use the Space Bar to hop over the object. You can even hold you weapon while jumping, if the object is chest height or shorter. By vaulting, you can hop over hard to reach objects or through windows and use that to your tactical advantage.

Why Should I?

Why do you want to learn how to vault? Speed and dexterity are two key factors determining victory or success in the game. Over the course of a match, you will inevitably need to get somewhere fast, find cover, or something along those lines. Vaulting lets you clear obstacles or quickly exit a building, whereas previously, you’d have to walk around that annoying waist-high wall or find the door to the shanty you were hiding in. You want to make sure you learn how to vault if you really want to be the last player standing.

Learning to vault is just one key to success in PUBG. Check out our other PUBG guides for other tips and tricks!

Have you vaulted over objects already, and do you find it useful? Voice your opinion down below in the comment section, and thanks for reading!

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