Quake Champions Lore Scroll Collecting Guide

110 lore scrolls explaining the back story of every Champion can be found by those with the patience to play a whole lot of public matches.

110 lore scrolls explaining the back story of every Champion can be found by those with the patience to play a whole lot of public matches.

There’s more to the rebooted Early Access Quake Champions than just trying to earn the title of Sir Fragsalot every match (although that really is the end goal).

If you want to know a little bit more about the 11 varying Champions, sadly there’s no single player campaign to play and find that info, but you can get a closer look at each character by search for hidden lore scrolls.

Below we cover everything you need to know about finding and collecting 110 different Quake Champions lore scrolls. Just getting started with the game and need help with any other aspect of this twitchy shooter? Check out our other Quake Champions guides:

Finding Quake Champions Lore Scrolls

With no story mode or solo missions, these aren’t hidden in the places you’d typically expect from a shooter with backstory collectibles. 

You get the very first Ranger lore scroll in the tutorial mission by grabbing six different items scattered across the map. If you missed any of them while learning about each weapon type, just load the tutorial level up again and look around each room before moving on, as they really aren’t hidden at all.

Finding the other 109 Quake Champions lore scrolls isn’t nearly as simple, however, and doesn’t involve picking up coins at all.

 The first Ranger lore scroll is a freebie

The rest of the lore scrolls (at the moment anyway) are found in randomly spawned locations during a match. Unlike the other spawns — weapons, upgrades, ability cooldowns, etc. — lore scrolls aren’t dropped at any one specific position each time.

What you are looking for are any type of “breakables” — so basically anything that looks like a pot, urn, or barrel. If it’s something you’d smash to search for treasure in an RPG, you should probably shoot at it during a match just in case it’s got a hidden lore scroll.

The lore scroll spawn doesn’t occur during a match’s warm up when you can freely frag to learn the map, and if you smash the pots during the warm up time period they will just appear whole again once the match actually starts.

Keep in mind that there’s only one lore scroll per match — and once someone snags it, it’s gone for good. That drastically slows down the progress of collecting all 110 scrolls, especially if several people in a match are looking for the spawned scroll. You need to pick it up before anyone else grabs it — even if that person is a teammate! Everyone is out for themselves in Quake Champions.

 If you see ’em, then shoot ’em!

Each individual Champion has 10 separate lore scroll pieces describing their back stories, history, and abilities. When you collect all 10 for any given Champion, your profile is rewarded with loot boxes or new cosmetic items for your Champs.

Now for the obvious question — can you skip the death matches and just find them yourself by starting your own lobby? At this stage of Early Access, that appears to be a solid “no dice.” I spent about an hour putting together custom matches and running around the maps looking for urns in hopes of getting lore scrolls easily, but no such luck.

Currently, it appears that lore scrolls only spawn in public team death matches, death match free-for-alls, duel mode, or sacrifice matches.

 How many have you found so far?

Have you found areas of any given Quake Champions map that seem to spawn scrolls more often than others, or any map that more reliably has scrolls for a specific Champion? Let us know in the comments section, and good lucking collecting them all!

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